African Men's Classic Bench Press Championships

Potchefstroom / South Africa

9 − 11 March, 2023


The Stage ends in

Server Date/Time: UTC
The End Day of Preliminary Nomination:15.01.2023
The End Day of Final Nomination:16.02.2023
14 Days before Technical Meeting:21.02.2023
The Technical Meeting Day:08.03.2023
Division «Open»
R1.Routledge Steven1991South Africa 120.0
1.Govington Chadwyn1985South Africa 165.0
2.van der Linde Ruben1998South Africa 135.0
3.Ben Chaib Youssef1994Morocco 132.5
1.Techap Fongang1989Cameroon 180.0
1.Bangsi Serge1988Cameroon 195.0
2.Belkebir Abderrahim1995Algeria 180.0
R3.Kebbab Saber1976Algeria 170.0
4.Ayekpa Archie1985South Africa 160.0
1.Wewege Tom1992South Africa 200.0
2.Zahouri Mohamed1991Morocco 190.0
3.Hazem Mostafa1996Egypt 180.0
4.Langeveldt Louw1995South Africa 170.0
5.Bvumburai Simbayi1994Zimbabwe 140.0
1.Smith Johan1991South Africa 222.5
2.Maritz Francois1993South Africa 220.0
R3.Ammor Mohamed Zine Eddine1983Algeria 220.0
4.Francis Edgar Yebga Yebga1986Cameroon 210.0
5.Bennabi Mohand1992Algeria 195.0
R6.Djenadi Abdelwafi1986Algeria 192.5
7.Ajeddi Mostapha1988Morocco 170.0
1.Maafa Fethi1980Algeria 225.0
2.Schroder Stefan1992South Africa 223.0
In Division there are 19 Lifters (  In Teams: 19  In Reserve:4)
Division «Subjuniors»
1.Meshilinie Samuel2006South Africa 75.0
1.Hamayun Faraz2005South Africa 108.0
1.Steenekamp Richard2006South Africa 125.0
In Division there are 3 Lifters (  In Teams: 3)
Division «Juniors»
1.Avishai Eilim2004South Africa 130.0
1.Havemann Gian2000South Africa 170.0
In Division there are 2 Lifters (  In Teams: 2)
Division «Masters I»
1.Coleman Steven1979South Africa 117.5
1.Kariv Jonathan1983South Africa 135.0
1.Fitzpatrick Ricardo1980South Africa 150.0
R2.Meyer Johann1981South Africa 130.0
1.Belbedj Adlane1979Algeria 170.0
2.Jacobsz David1981South Africa 160.0
3.Botha Jerry1974South Africa 145.0
1.Masson Craig1981South Africa 172.5
R2.Janse van Rensburg Hendrik1981South Africa 140.0
3.Alkuwafi Rafeeq1977Libya 80.0
1.Mudau Newton1981South Africa 170.0
2.Alshuwayhidi Munayr1974Libya 90.0
1.Temghari Omar1979Algeria 185.0
2.Breetzke Simon1978South Africa 185.0
R3.Werner Koekemoer1976South Africa 162.5
R4.Kerr David1975South Africa 157.5
In Division there are 12 Lifters (  In Teams: 12  In Reserve:4)
Division «Masters II»
1.van der Linde Glen1971South Africa 107.5
1.Erridir Zoubir1967Algeria 170.0
2.Johnson Charles1970South Africa 155.0
3.Williams Yegi1965South Africa 145.0
1.Furman Ian1967South Africa 167.5 Beer Hermanus1970South Africa 145.0
3.Makhlof Khalid1973Libya 60.0
1.Crain John1969South Africa 172.5
2.Bensch Denis1965South Africa 145.0
In Division there are 9 Lifters (  In Teams: 9)
Division «Masters III»
1.Bruce Jc1963South Africa 80.0
-74kg Nysschen Tommie1963South Africa 132.5
1.Thomas Glen1960South Africa 135.0
2.Schoonraad Christo1963South Africa 125.0
In Division there are 4 Lifters (  In Teams: 4)
Division «Masters IV»
1.Oppenheim Dan1945South Africa 90.0
In Division there is 1 Lifter (  In Teams: 1)
Division «SOI»
1.Sillitoe Bryce2001South Africa 75.0
In Division there is 1 Lifter (  In Teams: 1)
In Total there are 51 Lifters (  In Teams: 51  In Reserve:8)

The Entry List of Referees

1.Nedjah A. Kamel .EAlgeriaCat.IAll
2.Nezlioui SaidAlgeriaCat.IIAll
3.Taib MouradAlgeriaCat.IIAvailable only 08th and 09th March.
4.Bile RogerCameroonCat.II
5.Bile RogerCameroonCat.II
6.Alkuwafi RafeeqLibyaCat.II9-10 Mar (except for Master 1 classic men 105 kg)
7.Makhlof KhalidLibyaCat.II9-10 Mar (except for Master 2 men 120 kg classic)
8.Jamal HamidMoroccoCat.I Reg.
9.Anthony RodneySouth AfricaCat.I
10.Leighton MeganSouth AfricaCat.I
11.Leighton HeatherSouth AfricaCat.I
12.Ludik AndreSouth AfricaCat.I
13.Maritz Ilze-MariSouth AfricaCat.II
14.Oppenheim DanSouth AfricaCat.I
15.Rees JacquiSouth AfricaCat.II
16.Smith HannieSouth AfricaCat.IJury
17.du Toit ChantelleSouth AfricaCat.II