Welcome to our site and we hope you enjoy your stay. This resource is related to the International Powerlifting Federation. Its purpose is providing an information about the powerlifting competitions, events, people of this federation. Only the official and verified information. All information is provide of GOODLIFT Software − the official competitons' management software of IPF and co-ordinated with the official site of IPF − www.powerlifting-ipf.com and with the official site of EPF − www.europowerlifting.org

29 March, 2022

Dear Teams Representatives!

On the night of March 29-30, the domain name of site goodlift.info will be redirected to a new server in France.
Please do not make important changes to the nominations between 21:00 UTC (29 Mar) and 01:00 UTC (30 Mar). At this time, the database will be migrated and if you make some changes, they may be lost.

29 Mar 2022


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