World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's Championships

Oradea / Romania

23 − 28 August, 2021

The Stage ends in

Server Date/Time: UTC
The End Day of Preliminary Nomination:23.06.2021
The End Day of Final Nomination:01.08.2021
14 Days before Technical Meeting:07.08.2021
The Technical Meeting Day:22.08.2021
Division «Subjuniors»
1.Mohamad Fadi2005Syria 150.095.0175.0420.0
In Division there is 1 Lifter
Division «Juniors»
1.Mohamad Bhjat2001Syria 185.0115.0200.0500.0
In Division there is 1 Lifter
In Total there are 2 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Parage GastonLuxembourgCat. IAll
2.Mohamad ZiadSyriaCat. II