European Women's Masters Equipped Powerlifting Championships

Pilsen / Czech Republic

7 − 13 July, 2021

Server Date/Time: UTC
The End Day of Preliminary Nomination:08.05.2021
The End Day of Final Nomination:16.06.2021
14 Days before Technical Meeting:23.06.2021
The Technical Meeting Day:06.07.2021
Division «Masters I»
1.Neitzel Ira1981Germany 135.077.5127.5335.0
2.Dabrowska-Posala Agnieszka1979Poland 110.055.0125.0290.0
1.Beer Monika1974Slovakia 140.097.5135.0372.5
1.Compagnie Kathleen1980Belgium 122.5103.0140.0360.5
1.Bak Kathrine1981Denmark 145.0102.5210.0457.5
2.Rehagel Verena1980Germany 140.087.5157.5385.0
1.Golubiewska Danuta1974Poland 160.0100.0170.0430.0
2.Hauss Manuela1980Germany 130.065.0140.0345.0
In Division there are 8 Lifters
Division «Masters II»
1.Feraud Nathalie1967France 142.592.5135.0370.0
1.Stavik Anita1965Norway 162.572.5155.0390.0
2.Leccese Florence1969France 130.070.0120.0320.0
1.Hampel Sybille1967Germany 130.070.0120.0320.0
2.Zangerle Sabine1971Austria 110.070.0110.0280.0
In Division there are 5 Lifters
Division «Masters III»
1.Kring Pia1957Germany 90.077.5127.5295.0
1.Blondan Daisy1959France 100.075.0135.0305.0
In Division there are 2 Lifters
In Total there are 22 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Zangerle SabineAustriaCat. IJuly 06 - July 13 except competition times of women M2, -84 kg
2.Karpisek IvanCzechiaCat. Iavailable: 12th + 13th of july (last groups of the day)
3.Krcek StanislavCzechiaCat. IIavailable: 8th + 9th of July
4.Sarik TomasCzechiaCat. IIAvailable: 10th + 11th od the july (last groups of the day)
5.Svadlenkova PetraCzechiaCat. IIavailable: 10th + 11th of july
6.Svejda JosefCzechiaCat. Iavailable 12th + 13th of july
7.Vacek MiroslavCzechiaCat. I
8.Vacek MiroslavCzechiaCat. I
9.Belmas Jean PaulFranceCat. I11, 12 and 13 July
10.Bernard MickaelFranceCat. II9 July (not TC - lifter days after)
11.Blondan Jean BernardFranceCat. II9 July if needed
12.Buchs ChristianFranceCat. IISunday 11th July
13.Feraud NathalieFranceCat. I9 July (not TC - Lifter day after)
14.Guennec EdithFranceCat. ISunday 11th July
15.Gnitka Hans-JuergenGermanyCat. Ifrom wednesday 7.7. to friday 9.7.
16.Weiss JosefGermanyCat. Ifrom saturday 10.7. to tuesday 13.7.
17.Janos BajanHungaryCat. I11 - 12 July
18.Rozlapa AndrejsLatviaCat. IIavailable: 10.07.2021 and 12.07.2021
19.Wildeman SandraNetherlandsCat. IIJuly 7th afternoon (not tc/weigh in), July 8th afternoon (not tc/weigh in), July 9th July 10th afternoon (not tc/weigh in), Afternoons no weigh in because coaching in the morning.
20.Astad BjornNorwayCat. IITBD
21.Fjeld PerNorwayCat. I9, 10, 11 July
22.Stavik AnitaNorwayCat. II9, 10, 11
23.Tochaczek WieslawPolandCat. IAvailable: 7th of July and 8th of July
24.Patru ValentinRomaniaCat. IIall 8-9 July + exam cat 1
25.Cayuela Jose CarlosSpainCat. IIDays 11 and 12th , but Categorie M2 93
26.Prada Jimenez EduardoSpainCat. IIDay 12th all sesions, day 11th sesion 1 for weigh in only
27.Ruiz Barrionuevo JavierSpainCat. IIDay 11th, sesion 1 and day 12th sesions 1 and 2.