European Women's Masters Championships

Sibiu / Romania

3 − 7 July, 2019

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:03.05.2019
End of Final Nomination:11.06.2019
14 Days before Technical Meeting:18.06.2019
Technical Meeting:02.07.2019
Division «Masters I»
 1.Peti Barbara1976Italy 125.070.0135.0330.0
 2.Ronkainen Katja1973Finland 80.050.0100.0230.0
 1.Edwards Louise1978Great Britain 132.567.5150.0350.0
 2.Andreassen Line1977Norway 122.571.5135.0329.0
 3.Hughes Amanda1979Great Britain 120.072.5127.5320.0
 1.Troilo Tiziana1972Italy 162.590.0157.5410.0
 2.Gudsteinsdottir Maria1970Iceland 137.577.5168.5383.5
 1.Rodina Alessia1975Italy 160.092.5165.0417.5
 2.Goldshmid Galit1977Great Britain 145.095.0165.0405.0
 3.Izindre Annelie1972Sweden 157.5102.5145.0395.0
 1.Boersch Nicole1976Germany 165.0140.0180.0485.0
 2.Johansson Ulrika1972Sweden 167.5107.5145.0420.0
 3.Barnes Joanne1971Great Britain 155.092.5152.5400.0
 4.Gordon Catherine1973Great Britain 140.087.5160.0387.5
 5.Ristolainen Paivi1970Finland 130.075.0137.5342.2
 1.Keane Jennifer1977Great Britain 207.5107.5182.5497.5
 2.Rasmussen Tanja1972Denmark 135.081.5125.0341.5
 1.Hammeroe Sparby Runi1977Norway 205.0112.5190.0507.5
 2.Brand Michelle1973Great Britain 165.0120.0140.0425.0
In Division there are 19 Lifters
Division «Masters II»
 1.Feraud Nathalie1967France 125.090.0140.0355.0
 1.Petroczki Magdolna1968Hungary 150.090.0170.0410.0
 2.Stucchi Manuela1966Italy 135.077.5160.0372.5
 3.Stenghel Anna1968Italy 135.080.0147.5362.5
 1.Buxbom Eva1969Denmark 170.090.0183.5443.5
 2.Franklin Michelle1966Great Britain 125.067.5140.0332.5
 3.Kosenko Nellia1968Ukraine 135.067.5130.0332.5
 1.Stavik Anita1965Norway 165.077.5161.0401.0
 2.Grouet Lydie1960France 120.077.5132.5325.0
 3.Palmisano Teresa1967Italy 117.555.0132.5305.0
 1.Vidziuniene Giedre1966Lithuania 137.572.5150.0360.0
 2.Mineo Joy1967Great Britain 120.075.0160.0355.0
 3.Gordon Maureen1964Great Britain 122.587.5137.5347.5
 4.Skogman Seija1965Finland 122.580.0100.0302.5
 1.Stavheim Gro-Berit1964Norway 180.090.0170.0435.0
 2.Morrell Dawn1960Great Britain 115.075.0135.0325.0
 3.Wall Melissa1966Great Britain 110.075.0130.0315.0
 1.Ebbeke Marie1967Sweden 167.580.0160.0402.5
 2.Blasbery Jacqueline1963Great Britain 140.087.5165.0392.5
In Division there are 19 Lifters
Division «Masters III»
 1.Hunter Jennifer1958Great Britain 110.075.0135.0320.0
 2.Jallais Marie1957France 82.552.5100.0235.0
 1.Kring Pia1957Germany 90.080.0142.5312.5
 2.Parfait Martine1957France 102.565.0127.5295.0
 3.Kemppainen Pirjo1951Finland 52.535.090.0177.5
 1.Olah Lucica1955Romania 125.055.0132.5312.5
In Division there are 6 Lifters
In Total there are 44 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Busselot MyriamBelgiumCat. IAll
2.Svadlenkova PetraCzechiaCat. IIAvalaible 05 + 06 + 07 July
3.Thorsen BirgitteDenmarkCat. IIAll
4.Thorsen Henning GroenDenmarkCat. IIAll sesions Friday - Sunday
5.Hagfors HarriFinlandCat. IThursday and Saturday, only Jury
6.Heiskanen TimoFinlandCat. IIAvailable 4.7-5.7 and 7.7.
7.Lillbacka TimoFinlandNat.Cat II exam. Day/Category ?????
8.Beauverger JacquesFranceCat. IIThursday, Friday
9.De Puytorac XavierFranceCat. IAll
10.Feraud NathalieFranceCat. IWednesday M4 / Thursday W1 / Friday M2 93-120 / Saturday M1 59-83
11.Grouet Jean MichelFranceCat. IIExam CAT 1. Thursday & Friday. Wednesday after W2-57kg
12.Gnitka Hans-JuergenGermanyCat. IDay/Category ?????
13.Barnes JoanneGreat BritainCat. IIAvailable 3rd July am and Saturday 6th July.
14.Ellender MickGreat BritainCat. INot available Wednesday 3rd July.
15.Frost PhilGreat BritainCat. IIAvailable 3rd and 6th July
16.Hills GaryGreat BritainCat. IAvailable 4th & 5th July
17.Apostolidis PanagiotisGreeceNat.Available all days
18.Giagmouris KonstantinosGreeceNat.Available all days
19.Manavidis MetaxasGreeceNat.Available all days
20.Giusti IvanoItalyCat. II4th and 5th July
21.Palmisano TeresaItalyCat. II4th and 5th July
22.Rossi SandroItalyCat. IAll
23.Petrauskas ErlandasLithuaniaCat. IIJuly 03 for Women M2,3,4 July 04 for Women M1
24.Lau WernerLuxembourgCat. IAll
25.Tangen VidarNorwayCat. IJuly 3rd and 6th.
26.Cioflica AndreiRomaniaNat.exam cat 2, all 03-07 July
27.Olah LucicaRomaniaNat.exam cat 2, all 04-07 July
28.Patru ValentinRomaniaCat. IIAvailable 04-07 July
29.Rafael RuizRomaniaNat.exam cat 2, all 03-05 July
30.Raica MariusRomaniaCat. IIif it will be necessary
31.Lakso JoakimSwedenCat. IAll day 3rd and 4th of July. First session on 5th of July.
32.Chernukha VitaliiUkraineCat. IIonly 03/07 and 04/07