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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
201940th World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen84+kg791.0737.79 IPF Pts1
201839th World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen84+kg783.0616.77 W.Pts1
2017World Games /Women's/ 2017OpenSuperHeavy763.0600.71 W.Pts1
2017World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen84+kg750.0588.83 W.Pts1
2016World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen84+kg725.0572.68 W.Pts1
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
18.11.201940th World Open Women's ChampionshipsDubai, United Arab EmiratesO84+kg318.51220.01252.52791.01-
05.11.201839th World Open Women's ChampionshipsHalmstad, SwedenO84+kg318.01215.01250.02783.01-
13.11.2017World Open Women's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO84+kg312.51210.01227.52750.01 
24.07.2017World Games /Women's/ 2017Wroclaw, PolandOSuperHeavy310.51205.03247.55763.01 
14.11.2016World Open Women's ChampionshipsOrlando, U.S.AmericaO84+kg297.51197.53230.01725.01 
27.10.2014World Open Women's ChampionshipsAurora, USAO84+kg282.52190.04222.52695.02 
14.10.200728th World Open Women's ChampionshipsSoelden, AustriaO-90kg220.04137.55225.02582.54 
05.11.200627th World Open Women's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-90kg230.03125.04212.52567.52 
07.09.20055th World Sub-Juniors Women's ChampionshipsFort Wayne, Indiana, USAS-90kg215.01122.51200.01537.51 
26.05.200526th World Open Women's ChampionshipsYlitornio, FinlandO-90kg215.03117.53195.04527.53 
03.06.200425th World Open Women's Championships Cahors, FranceO-90kg202.55112.56187.56502.56 
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
04.06.20197th World Women's Open Classic ChampionshipsHelsingborg, SwedenO84+kg257.51147.51235.02640.01 
06.06.20186th World Women's Classic ChampionshipsCalgary, CanadaO84+kg273.01151.51247.01671.51-
15.06.20175th World Women's Classic ChampionshipsMinsk, BelarusO84+kg250.01145.01220.01615.01 
19.06.2016World Women's Classic ChampionshipsKilleen, U.S.AmericaO84+kg262.51151.01232.51646.01-
01.06.2015Classic World Women's ChampionshipsSalo, FinlandO84+kg247.51145.51222.51615.51-
27.05.2014Classic World Women's ChampionshipsJohannesburg , South Africa O84+kg230.02112.51217.52560.01 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
17.04.20172nd World Women's Classic Bench PressKilleen, U.S.AmericaOpen84+kg142.51 
23.11.2019791.0 W W O TOT E 84+kg132.51Dubai / United Arab Emirates
23.11.2019318.5 W W O SQ E 84+kg132.51Dubai / United Arab Emirates
09.11.2018783.0 W W O TOT E 84+kg130.55Halmstad / Sweden
09.11.2018318.0 W W O SQ E 84+kg130.55Halmstad / Sweden
16.06.2018671.5 W W O TOT C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada
16.06.2018247.0 W W O DL C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada
16.06.2018665.0 W W O TOT C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada
16.06.2018240.5 W W O DL C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada
16.06.2018654.5 W W O TOT C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada
16.06.2018151.5 W W O BP1 C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada
16.06.2018151.5 W W O BP3 C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada
16.06.2018273.0 W W O SQ C 84+kg132.70Calgary / Canada

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