Date of Birth:


Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2016Western European Men's Classic ChampionshipsOpen-93kg702.5447.00 W.Pts1
2018Arnold Classic Europe Mens Open RAWOpenHeavy732.5461.11 W.Pts3
2017Arnold Classic Europe Open RAWOpenHeavy737.5465.51 W.Pts6
2017European Men's Classic ChampionshipsOpen-93kg727.5459.78 W.Pts7
20151st European Classic Men's ChampionshipsOpen-93kg685.0435.04 W.Pts7
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
28.09.2018Arnold Classic Europe Mens Open RAWBarcelona, SpainOHeavy260.04172.53300.01732.53 
23.09.2017Arnold Classic Europe Open RAWBarcelona, SpainOHeavy257.57180.05300.05737.56 
15.06.20175th World Men's Classic ChampionshipsMinsk, BelarusO-93kg260.011180.012307.57747.58 
12.03.2017European Men's Classic ChampionshipsThisted, DenmarkO-93kg255.07172.59300.05727.57 
08.09.2016Western European Men's Classic ChampionshipsBorgaro Torinese, ItalyO-93kg245.02162.52295.01702.51 
05.03.20162nd European Men's Classic ChampionshipsTartu, EstoniaO-93kg232.514170.08302.55705.09 
01.06.2015Classic World Men's ChampionshipsSalo, FinlandO-93kg250.012160.014295.07705.010 
18.03.20151st European Classic Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-93kg240.08160.010285.05685.07 

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