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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
200826th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 1125+kg1057.5585.75 W.Pts1
200624th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 1125+kg1047.5580.21 W.Pts1
200927th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 1125+kg990.0549.75 W.Pts1
20131st Classic World Men's ChampionshipsOpen120+kg920.0510.42 W.Pts1
200737th World Open Men's ChampionshipsOpen125+kg1052.5583.51 W.Pts2
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
05.11.2011World Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO120+kg360.014270.010397.511027.58 
07.11.201040th World Open Men's ChampionshipsPotchefstroom, South AfricaO125+kg385.011267.510400.011052.53 
28.09.200927th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsOstrava, CzechiaM1125+kg357.51252.51380.01990.01 
24.07.2009World Games /Men's/ 2009Kaohsiung, Chinese TaipeiOSuperHeavy382.59265.06387.521035.04 
29.09.200826th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsPalm Springs, USAM1125+kg390.01272.51395.011057.51 
14.10.200737th World Open Men's ChampionshipsSoelden, AustriaO125+kg385.08277.57390.011052.52 
02.10.200624th World Masters Men's ChampionshipsKilleen, USAM1125+kg390.01272.51385.011047.51 
16.07.2005World Games /Men's/ 2005Duisburg, GermanyOHeavy387.58272.56372.541032.55 
09.11.200434th World Open Men's ChampionshipsCape Town, South AfricaO125+kg385.06275.07372.521032.54 
04.11.200333th World Open Men's ChampionshipsVejle, DenmarkO125+kg377.59255.0340.00.0 
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
08.06.20131st Classic World Men's ChampionshipsSuzdal, RussiaO120+kg315.06230.02375.01920.01-
13.11.2011397.5 W M M1 DL E 120+kg148.85Pilsen / Czechia
13.11.2011397.5 W M O DL E 120+kg148.85Pilsen / Czechia
29.07.20111035.0 W M M1 TOT E 120+kg147.00Melbourne / Australia
29.07.20111020.0 W M M1 TOT E 120+kg147.00Melbourne / Australia
29.07.2011395.0 W M O DL E 120+kg147.00Melbourne / Australia
29.07.2011395.0 W M M1 DL E 120+kg147.00Melbourne / Australia
29.07.2011380.0 W M M1 DL E 120+kg147.00Melbourne / Australia
05.04.2014885.0 W M M1 TOT C 120+kg147.30Melbourne / Australia
05.04.2014235.0 W M M1 BP3 C 120+kg147.30Melbourne / Australia
05.04.2014232.5 W M M1 BP3 C 120+kg147.30Melbourne / Australia
05.04.2014227.5 W M M1 BP3 C 120+kg147.30Melbourne / Australia
16.06.2013920.0 W M M1 TOT C 120+kg147.05Suzdal / Russia
16.06.2013375.0 W M M1 DL C 120+kg147.05Suzdal / Russia
16.06.2013375.0 W M O DL C 120+kg147.05Suzdal / Russia
16.06.2013365.0 W M O DL C 120+kg147.05Suzdal / Russia
16.06.2013365.0 W M M1 DL C 120+kg147.05Suzdal / Russia

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