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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2018World Masters Women's ChampionshipsMasters 4-52kg275.0368.14 W.Pts1
2015World Masters Women's ChampionshipsMasters 3-52kg262.5349.91 W.Pts1
2022World Masters Women's Equipped ChampionshipsMasters 4-52kg260.556.06 IPF GL1
2013World Masters Women's ChampionshipsMasters 3-52kg257.5346.16 W.Pts1
2017World Masters Women's ChampionshipsMasters 4-47kg255.0347.92 W.Pts1
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
13.11.2023World Open Women's Equipped ChampionshipsDruskininkai, LithuaniaO-47kg87.5440.04120.04247.54 
14.11.2022World Open Women's Equipped ChampionshipsViborg, DenmarkO-47kg95.0837.59110.08242.58 
08.10.2022World Masters Women's Equipped ChampionshipsSt. John's, CanadaM4-52kg85.0145.01130.51260.51 
02.10.2018World Masters Women's ChampionshipsUlaanbaatar, MongoliaM4-52kg100.0145.01130.01275.01 
01.10.2017World Masters Women's ChampionshipsSundsvall, SwedenM4-47kg90.0142.51122.51255.01 
03.10.2016World Masters Women's ChampionshipsTallinn, EstoniaM3-47kg85.0342.53117.53245.03 
09.11.2015World Open Women's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-47kg100.0745.07127.56272.57 
28.09.2015World Masters Women's ChampionshipsAurora, USAM3-52kg85.0252.51125.01262.51 
31.10.2013World Open Women's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-47kg97.5445.05122.55265.04 
21.09.2013World Masters Women's ChampionshipsOrlando, USAM3-52kg97.5145.01115.01257.51 
23.09.2012World Masters Women's ChampionshipsKilleen, USAM3-47kg100.0147.51107.51255.01 
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
11.06.2023IPF World Women's Classic Open Powerlifting ChampionshipsSt. Julians, MaltaO-52kg82.52430.024105.024217.524 
08.10.2022World Masters Women's Classic ChampionshipsSt. John's, CanadaM4-52kg80.5137.51117.51235.51 
06.06.2022World Women's Classic ChampionshipsSun City, South AfricaO-47kg75.0935.09112.59222.59 
04.06.20197th World Women's Classic ChampionshipsHelsingborg, SwedenM4-47kg65.0132.51110.01207.51 
06.06.20186th World Women's Classic ChampionshipsCalgary, CanadaM4-47kg85.0140.01120.01245.01 
15.06.20175th World Women's Classic ChampionshipsMinsk, BelarusM4-47kg77.5135.02110.51223.01 
27.05.2014Classic World Women's ChampionshipsJohannesburg , South Africa M3-47kg80.0145.02115.02240.02 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
18.05.2019World Women's Open Equipped Bench Press ChampionshipsTokyo, JapanOpen-47kg42.55 
12.04.201515th World Masters Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsAurora, USAMasters 3-52kg55.01 
14.04.201414th World Masters Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsNorthumberland, Great BritainMasters 3-47kg52.51 
06.04.201313th World Masters Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsPrague, CzechiaMasters 3-52kg47.51 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
17.04.20172nd World Women's Classic Bench PressKilleen, U.S.AmericaMasters 4-47kg35.02 
11.08.202395.5 W W M4 SQ E -47kg46.75Grand Cayman / Cayman Islands
13.11.202295.0 W W M4 SQ E -47kg46.30Viborg / Denmark
13.10.2022130.5 W W M4 DL E -52kg48.14St. John's / Canada
08.08.2019262.5 W W M4 TOT E -47kg46.85San Jose / Costa Rica
08.08.2019125.0 W W M4 DL E -47kg46.85San Jose / Costa Rica
08.08.201992.5 W W M4 SQ E -47kg46.85San Jose / Costa Rica
02.10.2018275.0 W W M4 TOT E -52kg47.30Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia
02.10.2018130.0 W W M4 DL E -52kg47.30Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia
02.10.2018272.5 W W M4 TOT E -52kg47.30Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia
02.10.2018127.5 W W M4 DL E -52kg47.30Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia
02.10.2018121.0 W W M4 DL E -52kg47.30Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia
02.10.2018100.0 W W M4 SQ E -52kg47.30Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia
03.10.2017255.0 W W M4 TOT E -47kg46.06Sundsvall / Sweden
03.10.2017122.5 W W M4 DL E -47kg46.06Sundsvall / Sweden
03.10.2017250.0 W W M4 TOT E -47kg46.06Sundsvall / Sweden
03.10.2017117.5 W W M4 DL E -47kg46.06Sundsvall / Sweden
03.10.2017112.5 W W M4 DL E -47kg46.06Sundsvall / Sweden
03.10.201790.0 W W M4 SQ E -47kg46.06Sundsvall / Sweden
05.11.2013122.5 W W M3 DL E -47kg45.69Stavanger / Norway
11.08.2023125.5 W W M4 DL C -47kg46.75Grand Cayman / Cayman Islands
11.06.202382.5 W W M4 SQ C -52kg48.20St. Julians / Malta
08.10.202280.5 W W M4 SQ C -52kg48.06St. John's / Canada
06.08.2019240.0 W W M4 TOT C -52kg47.47San Jose / Costa Rica
06.08.2019235.0 W W M4 TOT C -52kg47.47San Jose / Costa Rica
06.08.2019122.5 W W M4 DL C -52kg47.47San Jose / Costa Rica
06.08.2019117.5 W W M4 DL C -52kg47.47San Jose / Costa Rica
06.08.201980.0 W W M4 SQ C -52kg47.47San Jose / Costa Rica
06.08.201977.5 W W M4 SQ C -52kg47.47San Jose / Costa Rica
06.06.2018245.0 W W M4 TOT C -47kg45.87Calgary / Canada
06.06.2018120.0 W W M4 DL C -47kg45.87Calgary / Canada
06.06.2018237.5 W W M4 TOT C -47kg45.87Calgary / Canada
06.06.2018112.5 W W M4 DL C -47kg45.87Calgary / Canada
06.06.201885.0 W W M4 SQ C -47kg45.87Calgary / Canada
04.07.2017225.5 W W M4 TOT C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
04.07.2017222.5 W W M4 TOT C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
04.07.2017215.0 W W M4 TOT C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
04.07.2017115.5 W W M4 DL C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
04.07.2017112.5 W W M4 DL C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
04.07.2017105.0 W W M4 DL C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
04.07.201775.0 W W M4 SQ C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
04.07.201768.0 W W M4 SQ C -52kg47.62Orlando / U.S.America
15.06.2017223.0 W W M4 TOT C -47kg45.84Minsk / Belarus
15.06.2017110.5 W W M4 DL C -47kg45.84Minsk / Belarus
15.06.201777.5 W W M4 SQ C -47kg45.84Minsk / Belarus
15.06.201772.5 W W M4 SQ C -47kg45.84Minsk / Belarus
15.06.201768.0 W W M4 SQ C -47kg45.84Minsk / Belarus
08.07.201587.5 W W M3 SQ C -47kg45.76Moose Jaw / Canada
09.07.2014247.5 W W M3 TOT C -47kg46.80Saint Croix / US Virgin Islands
09.07.201485.0 W W M3 SQ C -47kg46.80Saint Croix / US Virgin Islands
09.07.201482.5 W W M3 SQ C -47kg46.80Saint Croix / US Virgin Islands
01.06.2014240.0 W W M3 TOT C -47kg45.25Potchefstroom / South Africa
01.06.2014235.0 W W M3 TOT C -47kg45.25Potchefstroom / South Africa
01.06.2014115.0 W W M3 DL C -47kg45.25Potchefstroom / South Africa
01.06.2014110.0 W W M3 DL C -47kg45.25Potchefstroom / South Africa

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