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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2014World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsJuniors-120kg1028.0592.03 W.Pts1
2013World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsJuniors-120kg1007.5580.42 W.Pts1
2012World Juniors Men's ChampionshipsJuniors-120kg990.5570.33 W.Pts1
201010th World Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsSubjuniors-110kg821.0483.82 W.Pts1
2011World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsJuniors-120kg977.5562.36 W.Pts2
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
28.08.2014World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsOroshaza, HungaryJ-120kg387.51328.01312.551028.01-
22.08.2013World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsKilleen, USAJ-120kg380.03327.51300.041007.51-
25.08.2012World Juniors Men's ChampionshipsSzczyrk, PolandJ-120kg380.02310.51300.04990.51-
24.08.2011World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsMoose Jaw, CanadaJ-120kg372.52310.01295.05977.52 
28.08.201010th World Sub-Juniors Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaS-110kg335.51233.01252.54821.01 
06.09.2014328.0 W M O BP3 E -120kg119.10Oroshaza / Hungary
06.09.2014328.0 W M J BP3 E -120kg119.10Oroshaza / Hungary
01.09.2013327.5 W M O BP3 E -120kg119.00Killeen / U.S.America
01.09.2013327.5 W M J BP3 E -120kg119.00Killeen / U.S.America
01.09.2013322.5 W M O BP3 E -120kg119.00Killeen / U.S.America
01.09.2013322.5 W M J BP3 E -120kg119.00Killeen / U.S.America
03.03.2013331.0 W M O BP1 E -120kg119.00Columbus / U.S.America
03.03.2013331.0 W M J BP1 E -120kg119.00Columbus / U.S.America
03.03.2013320.0 W M J BP1 E -120kg119.00Columbus / U.S.America
02.09.2012310.5 W M J BP3 E -120kg119.25Szczyrk / Poland
04.03.2012317.5 W M J BP1 E -120kg120.00Columbus / U.S.America
04.09.2011310.0 W M J BP1 E -120kg119.66Moose Jaw / Canada
04.09.2011310.0 W M J BP3 E -120kg119.66Moose Jaw / Canada

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