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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2017World Open Men's ChampionshipsOpen-74kg908.0659.21 W.Pts1
2013World Open Men's ChampionshipsOpen-74kg905.0655.31 W.Pts1
2011World Open Men's ChampionshipsOpen-74kg903.0657.29 W.Pts1
2016World Open Men's ChampionshipsOpen-74kg895.0649.23 W.Pts1
201848th World Open Men's ChampionshipsOpen-74kg890.0643.91 W.Pts1
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
13.11.2023World Open Men's Equipped ChampionshipsDruskininkai, LithuaniaO-74kg345.01202.54315.01862.51 
14.11.2022World Open Men's Equipped ChampionshipsViborg, DenmarkO-74kg355.01202.54310.03867.52 
08.11.2021World Open Men's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-74kg350.01202.55295.04847.52 
18.11.201949th World Open Men's ChampionshipsDubai, United Arab EmiratesO-74kg345.01200.08315.03860.02 
05.11.201848th World Open Men's ChampionshipsHalmstad, SwedenO-74kg370.01210.06310.03890.01-
13.11.2017World Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-74kg360.01220.03328.01908.01 
24.07.2017World Games /Men's/ 2017Wroclaw, PolandOMiddle355.01212.58315.01882.51 
14.11.2016World Open Men's ChampionshipsOrlando, U.S.AmericaO-74kg367.51217.56310.01895.01 
09.11.2015World Open Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-74kg360.01212.57310.02882.51 
27.10.2014World Open Men's ChampionshipsAurora, USAO-74kg360.01212.54310.03882.51-
30.04.2014European Open Men's ChampionshipsSofia, BulgariaO-74kg350.01220.02305.03875.01-
31.10.2013World Open Men's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-74kg367.51217.52320.02905.01-
22.07.2013World Games /Men's/ 2013Cali, ColombiaOMiddle360.01215.07305.02880.01 
24.10.2012World Open Men's ChampionshipsAguadilla, Puerto RicoO-74kg355.01210.04310.01875.01-
05.05.2012European Open Men's ChampionshipsMariupol, UkraineO-74kg350.01205.05312.51867.51 
05.11.2011World Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-74kg365.51217.53320.01903.01 
03.05.201134th European Open Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-74kg365.01210.04312.51887.51-
07.11.201040th World Open Men's ChampionshipsPotchefstroom, South AfricaO-67.5kg342.51190.05292.53825.01-
02.11.200939th World Open Men's ChampionshipsNew Delhi, IndiaO-75kg365.01217.53305.01887.51 
24.07.2009World Games /Men's/ 2009Kaohsiung, Chinese TaipeiOMiddle362.51220.03302.51885.01 
30.10.200838th World Open Men's ChampionshipsSt.John's NL, CanadaO-75kg360.01210.04310.01880.01 
14.10.200737th World Open Men's ChampionshipsSoelden, AustriaO-75kg350.01200.04310.02860.01 
05.11.200636th World Open Men's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-67.5kg330.01185.03300.01815.01 
08.11.200535th World Open Men's ChampionshipsMiami, Florida, USAO-67.5kg310.02192.53307.51810.01 
18.05.200528th European Open Men's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-67.5kg320.01185.03300.02805.01 
09.11.200434th World Open Men's ChampionshipsCape Town, South AfricaO-67.5kg340.01190.03302.51832.51 
04.11.200333th World Open Men's ChampionshipsVejle, DenmarkO-67.5kg332.51175.04312.51820.01 
06.11.2018370.0 W M O SQ E -74kg73.40Halmstad / Sweden
06.11.2018370.0 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.40Halmstad / Sweden
06.11.2018370.0 E M O SQ E -74kg73.40Halmstad / Sweden
06.11.2018370.0 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.40Halmstad / Sweden
14.11.2017908.0 W M O TOT E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
14.11.2017908.0 W M M1 TOT E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
14.11.2017908.0 E M O TOT E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
14.11.2017908.0 E M M1 TOT E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
14.11.2017328.0 W M M1 DL E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
14.11.2017328.0 E M M1 DL E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
14.11.2017328.0 W M O DL E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
14.11.2017328.0 E M O DL E -74kg73.05Pilsen / Czechia
15.11.2016895.0 W M M1 TOT E -74kg73.14Orlando / U.S.America
15.11.2016895.0 E M M1 TOT E -74kg73.14Orlando / U.S.America
15.11.2016367.5 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.14Orlando / U.S.America
15.11.2016367.5 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.14Orlando / U.S.America
04.11.2014882.5 W M M1 TOT E -74kg73.32Aurora / U.S.America
04.11.2014882.5 E M M1 TOT E -74kg73.32Aurora / U.S.America
04.11.2014360.0 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.32Aurora / U.S.America
04.11.2014360.0 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.32Aurora / U.S.America
04.11.2014310.0 W M M1 DL E -74kg73.32Aurora / U.S.America
04.11.2014310.0 E M M1 DL E -74kg73.32Aurora / U.S.America
08.05.2014875.0 W M M1 TOT E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014875.0 E M M1 TOT E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014855.0 W M M1 TOT E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014855.0 E M M1 TOT E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014350.0 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014350.0 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014330.0 W M M1 SQ E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014330.0 E M M1 SQ E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014305.0 E M M1 DL E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014305.0 W M M1 DL E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
08.05.2014220.0 E M M1 BP3 E -74kg73.55Sofia / Bulgaria
05.11.2013905.0 W M O TOT E -74kg73.32Stavanger / Norway
05.11.2013905.0 E M O TOT E -74kg73.32Stavanger / Norway
05.11.2013367.5 W M O SQ E -74kg73.32Stavanger / Norway
05.11.2013367.5 E M O SQ E -74kg73.32Stavanger / Norway
09.11.2011903.0 W M O TOT E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
09.11.2011903.0 E M O TOT E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
09.11.2011893.0 E M O TOT E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
09.11.2011893.0 W M O TOT E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
09.11.2011365.5 W M O SQ E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
09.11.2011365.5 E M O SQ E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
09.11.2011320.0 W M O DL E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
09.11.2011320.0 E M O DL E -74kg72.78Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011887.5 E M O TOT E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011887.5 W M O TOT E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011875.0 E M O TOT E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011875.0 W M O TOT E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011860.0 E M O TOT E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011365.0 E M O SQ E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011365.0 W M O SQ E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011345.0 E M O SQ E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011345.0 W M O SQ E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2011312.5 E M O DL E -74kg73.83Pilsen / Czechia

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