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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
201521th Danube Women's Powerlifting CupOpen-47kg382.5516.80 W.Pts1
2014World Masters Women's ChampionshipsMasters 1-47kg347.5470.31 W.Pts2
2015European Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsOpen-47kg110.0148.71 W.Pts2
2015World Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsOpen-47kg110.0149.13 W.Pts2
2012European Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsOpen-47kg110.0147.94 W.Pts2
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
09.11.2015World Open Women's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-47kg145.05105.02145.04395.03 
09.10.201521th Danube Women's Powerlifting CupImst, AustriaO-47kg125.01107.51150.01382.51-
02.05.2015European Open Women's ChampionshipsChemnitz, GermanyO-47kg140.0495.02132.54367.54 
17.09.2014World Masters Women's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM1-47kg125.0282.52140.02347.52 
24.10.2012World Open Women's ChampionshipsAguadilla, Puerto RicoO-47kg135.06107.5×0.0 
03.05.201129th European Open Women's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-47kg130.07100.01155.03385.05 
01.11.200930th World Open Women's ChampionshipsNew Delhi, IndiaO-48kg125.07100.0147.540.0 
02.11.200829th World Open Women's ChampionshipsSt.John's NL, CanadaO-48kg130.0590.03130.05350.05 
14.10.200728th World Open Women's ChampionshipsSoelden, AustriaO-48kg125.095.03127.5100.0 
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
18.03.20151st European Classic Women's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaO-47kg105.0685.01107.56297.56 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
06.08.2015European Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaOpen-47kg110.02 
15.05.2015World Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsSundsvall, SwedenOpen-47kg110.02 
13.10.2014European Masters Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgMasters 1-47kg85.03 
05.08.2012European Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsTerni, ItalyOpen-47kg110.02 
04.08.2011European Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaOpen-47kg105.02 
24.05.2011World Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsSoelden, AustriaOpen-47kg107.52 
19.05.201021st World Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipKillen, USAOpen-48kg102.52 
27.05.200920th World Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipHamm, LuxembourgOpen-48kg95.02 
25.06.200819th World Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipPrague, CzechiaOpen-48kg92.54 
19.08.200713th European Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipRodby, DenmarkOpen-48kg90.03 
26.05.200718th World Open Women's Bench Press ChampionshipThisted, DenmarkOpen-48kg× 
10.10.2015107.5 W W M2 BP3 E -47kg46.70Stadtsaal / Austria
10.10.2015107.5 E W M2 BP3 E -47kg46.70Stadtsaal / Austria
21.05.2015110.0 W W M2 BP1 E -47kg46.48Sundsvall / Sweden
21.05.2015110.0 E W M2 BP1 E -47kg46.48Sundsvall / Sweden
21.05.2015107.5 E W M2 BP1 E -47kg46.48Sundsvall / Sweden
21.05.2015105.0 E W M2 BP1 E -47kg46.48Sundsvall / Sweden
06.05.201595.0 W W M2 BP3 E -47kg46.50Chemnitz / Germany
06.05.201595.0 E W M2 BP3 E -47kg46.50Chemnitz / Germany
09.08.2012110.0 E W M1 BP1 E -47kg47.00Terni / Italy
09.08.2012107.5 E W M1 BP1 E -47kg47.00Terni / Italy
25.03.2015297.5 W W M2 TOT C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia
25.03.2015297.5 E W M2 TOT C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia
25.03.2015290.0 W W M2 TOT C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia
25.03.2015105.0 W W M2 SQ C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia
25.03.201585.0 W W M2 BP1 C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia
25.03.201585.0 W W M2 BP3 C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia
25.03.201585.0 E W M2 BP3 C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia
25.03.201580.0 W W M2 BP3 C -47kg46.59Pilzen / Czechia

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