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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2009World Games /Men's/ 2009OpenSuperHeavy1057.5606.69 W.Pts1
200624th World Juniors Men's ChampionshipsJuniors-125kg955.0547.88 W.Pts1
200838th World Open Men's ChampionshipsOpen-125kg1035.0593.47 W.Pts2
2014Classic World Men's ChampionshipsOpen-120kg915.0527.13 W.Pts2
20131st Classic World Men's ChampionshipsOpen-120kg892.5515.24 W.Pts2
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
24.07.2009World Games /Men's/ 2009Kaohsiung, Chinese TaipeiOSuperHeavy410.02272.53375.011057.51 
31.10.200838th World Open Men's ChampionshipsSt.John's NL, CanadaO-125kg405.02265.03365.021035.02 
05.09.200624th World Juniors Men's ChampionshipsSofia, BulgariaJ-125kg350.01265.02340.01955.01 
07.09.200523rd World Juniors Men's ChampionshipsFort Wayne, Indiana, USAJ-125kg340.03260.01312.54912.53 
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
01.06.2015Classic World Men's ChampionshipsSalo, FinlandO-120kg325.05200.09335.05860.04 
27.05.2014Classic World Men's ChampionshipsJohannesburg , South AfricaO-120kg345.02210.06360.01915.02 
08.06.20131st Classic World Men's ChampionshipsSuzdal, RussiaO-120kg345.02202.58345.02892.52 
02.06.20121st World Men's Classic CupStockholm, SwedenO-120kg315.03207.52342.52865.03 
28.02.2014916.5 W M O TOT C -120kg117.90Columbus / U.S.America
28.02.2014371.5 W M O DL C -120kg117.90Columbus / U.S.America
08.12.2013916.0 W M O TOT C -120kg119.30Auckland / New Zealand
08.12.2013371.0 W M O DL C -120kg119.30Auckland / New Zealand
02.03.2012877.5 W M O TOT C -120kg117.00Columbus / U.S.America
02.03.2012355.0 W M O DL C -120kg117.00Columbus / U.S.America
02.03.2012325.0 W M O SQ C -120kg117.00Columbus / U.S.America

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