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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
20242024 Euro Muscle Show - Men's Junior Classic PowerliftingJuniorsAbsolute1086.5112.51 IPF GL1
2024European Men's Open Classic Powerlifting ChampioshipsOpen120+kg1063.5110.15 IPF GL1
2023European Men's Open Classic Powerlifting ChampionshipsOpen120+kg1027.5107.39 IPF GL1
2022European Men's Classic Powerlifting ChampionshipsJuniors120+kg1011.0105.10 IPF GL1
2023World Men's Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic ChampionshipsJuniors120+kg1008.0105.89 IPF GL1
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
13.07.20242024 Euro Muscle Show - Men's Junior Classic PowerliftingAmsterdam, NetherlandsJAbsolute420.01256.02410.531086.51 
15.06.2024IPF World Men's Classic Open Powerlifting ChampionshipsDruskinkai, LithuaniaO120+kg430.02255.02402.511087.52 
12.03.2024European Men's Open Classic Powerlifting ChampioshipsVelika Gorica, CroatiaO120+kg415.01247.51401.011063.51 
04.12.2023European Men's Open Classic Powerlifting ChampionshipsTartu, EstoniaO120+kg410.01237.52380.031027.51 
10.10.2023European Men's Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic ChampionshipsBudapest, HungaryJ120+kg385.01227.51389.011001.51 
24.08.2023World Men's Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic ChampionshipsCluj Napoca, RomaniaJ120+kg395.01225.02388.011008.01 
11.06.2023IPF World Men's Classic Open Powerlifting ChampionshipsSt. Julians, MaltaO120+kg380.04220.010382.51982.52 
25.11.2022European Men's Classic Powerlifting ChampionshipsSkierniewice, PolandJ120+kg403.51225.03382.511011.01 
27.08.2022World Men's Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic ChampionshipsIstanbul, TurkiyeJ120+kg390.01220.03385.51995.51 
03.12.2021European Men's Classic ChampionshipsVasteras, SwedenJ120+kg362.52217.52360.01940.01 
23.09.2021World Men's Classic ChampionshipsHalmstad, SwedenJ120+kg345.03205.04362.51912.51 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
21.05.2022World Men's Classic Bench Press ChampionshipsAlmaty, KazakhstanJuniors120+kg222.52 
13.07.2024410.5 W M O DL C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
13.07.2024410.5 W M J DL C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
13.07.2024410.5 E M O DL C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
13.07.2024410.5 E M J DL C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
13.07.2024256.0 W M J BP1 C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
13.07.2024256.0 E M J BP1 C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
13.07.2024256.0 W M J BP3 C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
13.07.2024256.0 E M J BP3 C 120+kg160.38Amsterdam / Netherlands
23.06.20241087.5 W M J TOT C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.20241087.5 E M O TOT C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.20241087.5 E M J TOT C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024402.5 W M J DL C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024402.5 E M O DL C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024402.5 E M J DL C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.20241070.0 W M J TOT C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.20241070.0 E M O TOT C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.20241070.0 E M J TOT C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024255.0 W M J BP1 C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024255.0 E M J BP1 C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024255.0 W M J BP3 C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024255.0 E M J BP3 C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024250.0 E M J BP1 C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024250.0 E M J BP3 C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024430.0 W M J SQ C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024430.0 E M O SQ C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024430.0 E M J SQ C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024420.0 E M O SQ C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
23.06.2024420.0 E M J SQ C 120+kg160.80Druskininkai / Lithuania
17.03.20241063.5 W M J TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.20241063.5 E M O TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.20241063.5 E M J TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024401.0 W M J DL C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024401.0 E M O DL C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024401.0 E M J DL C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.20241052.5 W M J TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.20241052.5 E M O TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.20241052.5 E M J TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024390.0 W M J DL C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024390.0 E M J DL C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.20241032.5 E M O TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.20241032.5 E M J TOT C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024247.5 E M J BP1 C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024247.5 E M J BP3 C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024415.0 E M O SQ C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
17.03.2024415.0 E M J SQ C 120+kg160.30Velika Gorica / Croatia
09.12.20231027.5 E M O TOT C 120+kg156.35Tartu / Estonia
09.12.20231027.5 E M J TOT C 120+kg156.35Tartu / Estonia
09.12.2023410.0 E M O SQ C 120+kg156.35Tartu / Estonia
09.12.2023410.0 E M J SQ C 120+kg156.35Tartu / Estonia
09.12.2023404.0 E M O SQ C 120+kg156.35Tartu / Estonia
09.12.2023404.0 E M J SQ C 120+kg156.35Tartu / Estonia
17.10.2023389.0 W M J DL C 120+kg152.38Budapest / Hungary
17.10.2023389.0 E M O DL C 120+kg152.38Budapest / Hungary
17.10.2023389.0 E M J DL C 120+kg152.38Budapest / Hungary
03.09.2023388.0 W M J DL C 120+kg154.20Cluj Napoca / Romania
03.09.2023388.0 E M O DL C 120+kg154.20Cluj Napoca / Romania
03.09.2023388.0 E M J DL C 120+kg154.20Cluj Napoca / Romania
30.11.20221011.0 E M O TOT C 120+kg158.65Skierniewice / Poland
30.11.20221011.0 E M J TOT C 120+kg158.65Skierniewice / Poland
30.11.2022403.5 E M O SQ C 120+kg158.65Skierniewice / Poland
30.11.2022403.5 E M J SQ C 120+kg158.65Skierniewice / Poland
04.09.2022385.5 W M J DL C 120+kg154.75Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022385.5 E M O DL C 120+kg154.75Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022385.5 E M J DL C 120+kg154.75Istanbul / Turkiye

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