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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2022World Games /Women's/ 2022OpenHeavy726.0119.12 IPF GL1
2022European Women's Open, Junior, Subjunior Equipped Powerlifting ChampioshipsJuniors-84kg704.5114.33 IPF GL1
2021World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen-76kg650.0106.68 IPF GL1
2022European Women's Classic Powerlifting ChampionshipsOpen-84kg582.5112.42 IPF GL1
2022World Women's Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic ChampionshipsJuniors-84kg582.5113.58 IPF GL1
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
08.07.2022World Games /Women's/ 2022Birmingham, U.S.AmericaOHeavy270.02195.01261.01726.01 
03.05.2022European Women's Open, Junior, Subjunior Equipped Powerlifting ChampioshipsPilsen, CzechiaJ-84kg265.01188.01251.51704.51 
08.11.2021World Open Women's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-76kg240.04180.01230.04650.01 
23.08.2021World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Women's ChampionshipsOradea, RomaniaJ-76kg235.02175.02218.01628.02 
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
25.11.2022European Women's Classic Powerlifting ChampionshipsSkierniewice, PolandO-84kg202.53145.01235.03582.51 
27.08.2022World Women's Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic ChampionshipsIstanbul, TurkiyeJ-84kg195.02147.51240.01582.51 
06.06.2022World Women's Classic ChampionshipsSun City, South AfricaO-76kg202.54145.01237.54585.02 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
23.09.2022Arnold Classic UK - Womens Equipped Bench PressBirmingham, Great BritainOpenAbsolute220.01 
25.09.2022220.0 W W J BP1 E -84kg80.34Birmingham / Great Britain
25.09.2022220.0 E W O BP1 E -84kg80.34Birmingham / Great Britain
25.09.2022220.0 E W J BP1 E -84kg80.34Birmingham / Great Britain
09.07.2022726.0 W W O TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022726.0 W W J TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022726.0 E W O TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022726.0 E W J TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022717.5 W W O TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022717.5 W W J TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022717.5 E W O TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022717.5 E W J TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022700.0 W W O TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022700.0 W W J TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022700.0 E W O TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022700.0 E W J TOT E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022270.0 W W J SQ E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022270.0 E W J SQ E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022261.0 W W O DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022261.0 W W J DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022261.0 E W O DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022261.0 E W J DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022252.5 W W O DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022252.5 W W J DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022252.5 E W O DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022252.5 E W J DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022235.0 W W J DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022235.0 E W J DL E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 W W O BP1 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 W W J BP1 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 E W O BP1 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 E W J BP1 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 W W O BP3 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 W W J BP3 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 E W O BP3 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
09.07.2022195.0 E W J BP3 E -76kg76.00Birmingham / U.S.America
04.05.2022704.5 W W O TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022704.5 W W J TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022704.5 E W O TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022704.5 E W J TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022251.5 W W O DL E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022251.5 W W J DL E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022251.5 E W O DL E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022251.5 E W J DL E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022698.0 W W O TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022698.0 W W J TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022698.0 E W O TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022698.0 E W J TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022688.0 W W O TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022688.0 W W J TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022688.0 E W O TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022688.0 E W J TOT E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022188.0 W W J BP1 E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022188.0 E W J BP1 E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022188.0 W W J BP3 E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022188.0 E W O BP3 E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022188.0 E W J BP3 E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022180.0 W W J BP3 E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
04.05.2022180.0 E W J BP3 E -84kg77.90Pilsen / Czechia
11.11.2021650.0 W W J TOT E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
11.11.2021650.0 E W J TOT E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
11.11.2021230.0 W W J DL E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
11.11.2021230.0 E W J DL E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
11.11.2021645.0 W W J TOT E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
11.11.2021645.0 E W J TOT E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
11.11.2021225.0 W W J DL E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
11.11.2021225.0 E W J DL E -76kg75.95Stavanger / Norway
27.08.2021218.0 W W J DL E -76kg75.95Oradea / Romania
27.08.2021218.0 E W J DL E -76kg75.95Oradea / Romania
04.09.2022582.5 E W O TOT C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022582.5 E W J TOT C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022240.0 E W O DL C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022240.0 E W J DL C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022572.5 E W J TOT C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022230.0 E W J DL C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022557.5 E W J TOT C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022215.0 E W J DL C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022147.5 W W J BP1 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022147.5 E W J BP1 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022147.5 W W O BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022147.5 W W J BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022147.5 E W O BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022147.5 E W J BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022138.0 W W J BP1 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022138.0 E W J BP1 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022138.0 W W O BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022138.0 W W J BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022138.0 E W O BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
04.09.2022138.0 E W J BP3 C -84kg77.85Istanbul / Turkiye
09.06.2022585.0 W W J TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022585.0 E W O TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022585.0 E W J TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022585.0 W W O TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022237.5 W W J DL C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022237.5 E W J DL C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022237.5 E W O DL C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022582.5 W W O TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022582.5 W W J TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022582.5 E W O TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022582.5 E W J TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022235.0 W W J DL C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022235.0 E W O DL C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022235.0 E W J DL C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022572.5 W W O TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022572.5 W W J TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022572.5 E W O TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022572.5 E W J TOT C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 W W O BP1 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 W W J BP1 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 E W O BP1 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 E W J BP1 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 W W O BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 W W J BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 E W O BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022145.0 E W J BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022137.5 W W O BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022137.5 W W J BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022137.5 E W O BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa
09.06.2022137.5 E W J BP3 C -76kg75.65Sun City / South Africa

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