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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
200918th World Masters Women's ChampionshipsMasters 1-67.5kg545.5565.90 W.Pts1
20088th World Masters Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsMasters 1-67.5kg145.0148.78 W.Pts1
201031st World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen-67.5kg555.0574.48 W.Pts2
200829th World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen-67.5kg552.5577.03 W.Pts3
200627th World Open Women's ChampionshipsOpen-60kg475.0529.58 W.Pts3
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
18.11.201940th World Open Women's ChampionshipsDubai, United Arab EmiratesO-63kg185.07157.53185.07527.55 
05.11.201839th World Open Women's ChampionshipsHalmstad, SwedenO-63kg202.59155.04192.56550.06 
14.11.2016World Open Women's ChampionshipsOrlando, U.S.AmericaO-63kg190.012173.02192.57555.55 
09.11.2015World Open Women's ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgO-63kg205.05160.03185.06550.05 
22.07.2013World Games /Women's/ 2013Cali, ColombiaOMiddle185.08145.04192.56522.57 
24.10.2012World Open Women's ChampionshipsAguadilla, Puerto RicoO-63kg207.56157.53192.58557.55-
07.11.201031st World Open Women's ChampionshipsPotchefstroom, South AfricaO-67.5kg200.05155.02200.04555.02 
26.09.200918th World Masters Women's ChampionshipsOstrava, CzechiaM1-67.5kg197.51158.01190.02545.51 
24.07.2009World Games /Women's/ 2009Kaohsiung, Chinese TaipeiOHeavy202.55145.03192.55540.04 
02.11.200829th World Open Women's ChampionshipsSt.John's NL, CanadaO-67.5kg200.05157.52195.06552.53 
14.10.200728th World Open Women's ChampionshipsSoelden, AustriaO-67.5kg195.06152.52192.57540.06 
05.11.200627th World Open Women's ChampionshipsStavanger, NorwayO-60kg170.07135.01170.010475.03 
26.05.200526th World Open Women's ChampionshipsYlitornio, FinlandO-60kg162.55122.5165.00.0 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
18.05.2019World Women's Open Equipped Bench Press ChampionshipsTokyo, JapanOpen-63kg167.53 
16.04.20088th World Masters Women's Bench Press ChampionshipsBratislava, SlovakiaMasters 1-67.5kg145.01 
20.11.2019157.5 W W M2 BP3 E -63kg62.93Dubai / United Arab Emirates
24.05.2019167.5 W W M2 BP1 E -63kg62.60Tokyo / Japan
24.05.2019165.0 W W M2 BP1 E -63kg62.60Tokyo / Japan
24.05.2019157.5 W W M2 BP1 E -63kg62.60Tokyo / Japan
07.11.2018550.0 W W M2 TOT E -63kg62.60Halmstad / Sweden
07.11.2018542.5 W W M2 TOT E -63kg62.60Halmstad / Sweden
07.11.2018155.0 W W M2 BP1 E -63kg62.60Halmstad / Sweden
07.11.2018155.0 W W M2 BP3 E -63kg62.60Halmstad / Sweden
16.11.2016173.0 W W M1 BP1 E -63kg62.85Orlando / U.S.America
16.11.2016173.0 W W O BP3 E -63kg62.85Orlando / U.S.America
16.11.2016173.0 W W M1 BP3 E -63kg62.85Orlando / U.S.America
16.11.2016167.5 W W M1 BP1 E -63kg62.85Orlando / U.S.America
16.11.2016167.5 W W M1 BP3 E -63kg62.85Orlando / U.S.America
11.11.2015160.0 W W M1 BP1 E -63kg62.72Hamm / Luxembourg
11.11.2015160.0 W W M1 BP3 E -63kg62.72Hamm / Luxembourg
31.10.2012557.5 W W M1 TOT E -63kg62.72Aguadilla / Puerto Rico
31.10.2012157.5 W W M1 BP1 E -63kg62.72Aguadilla / Puerto Rico
31.10.2012157.5 W W M1 BP3 E -63kg62.72Aguadilla / Puerto Rico
31.10.2012150.0 W W M1 BP1 E -63kg62.72Aguadilla / Puerto Rico
31.10.2012150.0 W W M1 BP3 E -63kg62.72Aguadilla / Puerto Rico
08.12.2011157.5 W W M1 BP1 E -72kg65.55Kobe / Japan
08.12.2011157.5 W W M1 BP1 E -69kg65.55Kobe / Japan
08.12.2011157.5 W W M1 BP3 E -72kg65.55Kobe / Japan
08.12.2011157.5 W W M1 BP3 E -69kg65.55Kobe / Japan
08.12.2011152.5 W W M1 BP1 E -72kg65.55Kobe / Japan
08.12.2011152.5 W W M1 BP3 E -72kg65.55Kobe / Japan

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