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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result Rel.Pts Rank
2019European Women's Open Classic Bench Press ChampionshipsOpen-57kg112.5919.25 IPF Pts1
2018European Women's Classic Bench Press ChampionshipsOpen-57kg110.0127.97 W.Pts1
20183rd World Women's Classic Bench PressJuniors-57kg103.0120.00 W.Pts1
2019European Women's Classic ChampionshipsJuniors-57kg408.0748.31 IPF Pts2
2018European Women's Classic ChampionshipsJuniors-57kg386.0451.66 W.Pts2
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
29.11.2019European Women's Classic ChampionshipsKaunas, LithuaniaJ-57kg140.05120.51147.58408.02-
04.06.20197th World Women's Classic ChampionshipsHelsingborg, SwedenJ-57kg135.0117.51145.0100.0 
24.11.2018European Women's Classic ChampionshipsKaunas, LithuaniaJ-57kg137.53113.51135.013386.02-
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
07.08.2019European Women's Open Classic Bench Press ChampionshipsHamm, LuxembourgOpen-57kg112.51 
18.05.2019World Women's Open Classic Bench Press ChampionshipsTokyo, JapanOpen-57kg120.52-
09.08.2018European Women's Classic Bench Press ChampionshipsMerignac, FranceOpen-57kg110.01 
14.05.20183rd World Women's Classic Bench PressVantaa, FinlandJuniors-57kg103.01-
02.12.2019408.0 E W J TOT C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019120.5 W W O BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019120.5 W W J BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019120.5 E W O BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019120.5 E W J BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019118.0 W W O BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019118.0 W W J BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019118.0 E W O BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
02.12.2019118.0 E W J BP3 C -57kg56.75Kaunas / Lithuania
20.05.2019120.5 W W J BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
20.05.2019120.5 E W J BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
20.05.2019120.5 W W O BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
20.05.2019120.5 E W O BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
20.05.2019116.5 W W O BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
20.05.2019116.5 W W J BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
20.05.2019116.5 E W O BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
20.05.2019116.5 E W J BP1 C -57kg56.72Tokyo / Japan
25.11.2018113.5 W W J BP1 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018113.5 E W J BP1 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018113.5 W W J BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018113.5 E W O BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018113.5 E W J BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018108.5 W W J BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018108.5 E W O BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018108.5 E W J BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018103.5 W W J BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018103.5 E W O BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
25.11.2018103.5 E W J BP3 C -57kg56.40Kaunas / Lithuania
11.08.2018110.0 W W J BP1 C -57kg56.81Merignac / France
11.08.2018110.0 E W J BP1 C -57kg56.81Merignac / France
11.08.2018105.0 W W J BP1 C -57kg56.81Merignac / France
11.08.2018105.0 E W J BP1 C -57kg56.81Merignac / France
18.05.2018103.0 W W J BP1 C -57kg56.71Vantaa / Finland
18.05.2018103.0 E W J BP1 C -57kg56.71Vantaa / Finland

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