Western European Men's Equipped Championships

Hamm / Luxembourg

3 − 5 September, 2021

Server Date/Time: UTC
The End Day of Preliminary Nomination:11.07.2021
The End Day of Final Nomination:13.08.2021
14 Days before Technical Meeting:19.08.2021
The Technical Meeting Day:02.09.2021
Division «Open»
1.Ostyn Gregory2001Belgium 210.0165.0260.0635.0
1.Schmid Kevin2000Austria 270.0215.0250.0735.0
2.Ugandi Mihkel1992Estonia 180.0100.0200.0480.0
1.Lochschmidt Max1983Germany 330.0220.0310.0860.0
1.De Saedeleer Lieven1988Belgium 255.0172.5272.5700.0
2.Laenen Sven1986Belgium 250.0180.0230.0660.0
1.Seefeld Christoph1980Germany 355.0295.0320.0970.0
2.Lange Martin1987Germany 357.5275.0327.5965.0
3.Collart Jean-Luc1959Belgium 280.0180.0270.0730.0
1.Zinserling Tobias1978Germany 382.5277.5372.51032.5
2.Parage Philippe2001Luxembourg 270.0175.0260.0705.0
In Division there are 11 Lifters (  In Teams: 11)

The Entry List of Referees

1.Busselot MyriamBelgiumCat.IAll
2.Remy RogerBelgiumCat.II Available 3 Sept Men CL cat -59 to -83 and 4 Sept all
3.Van Heesvelde JeroenBelgiumCat.IIAvailable 4 Sept Women EQ -47 to -84+
4.VEDEL CharlotteFranceCat.IIOnly saturday morning
5.Klawitter-Thomsen KerstinGermanyCat.IAll
6.Demuth Jentgen PierretteLuxembourgCat.IAll women
7.Lau WernerLuxembourgCat.IAll
8.Parage GastonLuxembourgCat.IOnly Jury if needed
9.Commandeur EllenNetherlandsNat.Exam Cat II
10.Van de Vijfeijke PieterNetherlandsNat.Exam Cat II
11.Van den Hoek PjotrNetherlandsCat.IIsundaymorning and Saturday equipped woman no weighin
12.Astad BjornNorwayCat.IIAll
13.Nilsen PalNorwayCat.ITBD