European Women's Masters Classic Powerlifting Championships

Pilsen / Czechia

7 − 13 July, 2021

Server Date/Time: UTC
The End Day of Preliminary Nomination:08.05.2021
The End Day of Final Nomination:16.06.2021
14 Days before Technical Meeting:23.06.2021
The Technical Meeting Day:06.07.2021
Division «Masters I»
1.Rebello Christine1972Netherlands 130.082.5167.5390.0
2.Rummens Elise1981Belgium 110.070.5157.5338.0
3.Barrere Nadege1979France 110.055.0127.5292.5
4.Treimer Jasmin1976Germany 100.060.0120.0280.0
1.Haddon Colette1974Netherlands 150.080.0180.0410.0
2.Kiss Anett1976Hungary 122.570.0157.5350.0
1.De La Calle Labarzana Raquel1977Spain 157.580.0157.5395.0
2.Kanatova Edita1974Czechia 125.067.5153.0345.5
3.Jungwirth Carola1977Germany 100.060.0120.0280.0
1.Van de Pol Miranda1980Netherlands 135.082.5177.5387.5
2.Roos Evelyne1980Belgium 110.062.5157.5327.5
1.Cuevas Mila1974Spain 155.075.0192.5422.5
2.Carbonell Cidre Yusimi1978Spain 140.070.0162.5372.5
3.Jonasdottir Thorunn Brynja1974Iceland 132.582.5155.0370.0
1.Boglarka Horvath1977Hungary 135.070.0170.0375.0
In Division there are 15 Lifters (  In Teams: 15)
Division «Masters II»
1.Feraud Nathalie1967France 107.572.5132.5312.5
1.Mlejnkova Petra1967Czechia 110.067.5137.5315.0
1.Girot Noemie1967France 107.582.5160.0350.0
2.Leccese Florence1969France 117.560.0120.0297.5
1.De Jong Louise1969Netherlands 112.570.0150.0332.5
1.Juilien France1971France 132.572.5162.5367.5
1.Bak Szilvia1971Hungary 130.080.0170.0380.0
2.Zangerle Sabine1971Austria 100.065.0100.0265.0
1.Claassen Barbara1971Netherlands 192.590.0190.0472.5
In Division there are 9 Lifters (  In Teams: 9)
Division «Masters III»
1.Gjone Ingeborg1961Norway 87.550.0120.0257.5
1.Guennec Edith1956France 107.555.0157.5320.0
1.Blondan Daisy1959France 105.070.0137.5312.5
1.Palsdottir Elsa1960Iceland 125.060.0145.0330.0
In Division there are 4 Lifters (  In Teams: 4)
Division «Masters IV»
1.Hykova Adina1943Czechia 70.561.5115.0246.5
1.Clausen Anne Mari1942Norway 67.547.590.0205.0
In Division there are 2 Lifters (  In Teams: 2)
In Total there are 30 Lifters (  In Teams: 30)

The Entry List of Referees

1.Zangerle SabineAustriaCat.IJuly 06 - July 13 except competition times of women M2, -84 kg
2.Karpisek IvanCzechiaCat.Iavailable: 12th + 13th of july (last groups of the day)
3.Krcek StanislavCzechiaCat.IIavailable: 8th + 9th of July
4.Sarik TomasCzechiaCat.IIAvailable: 10th + 11th od the july (last groups of the day)
5.Svadlenkova PetraCzechiaCat.IIavailable: 10th + 11th of july
6.Svejda JosefCzechiaCat.Iavailable 12th + 13th of july
7.Vacek MiroslavCzechiaCat.I
8.Vacek MiroslavCzechiaCat.I
9.Belmas Jean PaulFranceCat.I11, 12 and 13 July
10.Bernard MickaelFranceCat.II9 July (not TC - lifter days after)
11.Blondan Jean BernardFranceCat.II9 July if needed
12.Buchs ChristianFranceCat.IISunday 11th July
13.Feraud NathalieFranceCat.I9 July (not TC - Lifter day after)
14.Guennec EdithFranceCat.ISunday 11th July
15.Gnitka Hans-JuergenGermanyCat.Ifrom wednesday 7.7. to friday 9.7.
16.Weiss JosefGermanyCat.Ifrom saturday 10.7. to tuesday 13.7.
17.Janos BajanHungaryCat.I11 - 12 July
18.Rozlapa AndrejsLatviaCat.IIavailable: 10.07.2021 and 12.07.2021
19.Wildeman SandraNetherlandsCat.IIJuly 7th afternoon (not tc/weigh in), July 8th afternoon (not tc/weigh in), July 9th July 10th afternoon (not tc/weigh in), Afternoons no weigh in because coaching in the morning.
20.Astad BjornNorwayCat.IITBD
21.Fjeld PerNorwayCat.I9, 10, 11 July
22.Stavik AnitaNorwayCat.II9, 10, 11
23.Tochaczek WieslawPolandCat.IAvailable: 7th of July and 8th of July
24.Patru ValentinRomaniaCat.IIall 8-9 July + exam cat 1
25.Cayuela Jose CarlosSpainCat.IIDays 11 and 12th , but Categorie M2 93
26.Prada Jimenez EduardoSpainCat.IIDay 12th all sesions, day 11th sesion 1 for weigh in only
27.Ruiz Barrionuevo JavierSpainCat.IIDay 11th, sesion 1 and day 12th sesions 1 and 2.