World Masters Men's Championships

Potchefstroom / South Africa

7 − 12 October, 2019

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:07.08.2019
End of Final Nomination:15.09.2019
14 Days before Technical Meeting:22.09.2019
Technical Meeting:06.10.2019

The Entry List of Referees

1.Allen HelenAustraliaCat. IIexcept when the M2 women are lifting (as I will be competing).
2.Ridings JoelAustraliaCat. IAll except Session1 Wed & Session1 Thurs
3.Thorsen BirgitteDenmarkCat. IIAll
4.Thorsen Henning GroenDenmarkCat. IIMonday - Tuesday all sessions
5.Marie MohamedEgyptCat. IIAvalible in m3 and m2 competitions only
6.Heiskanen TimoFinlandCat. IIAvailable All Tuesday 8.10, Wednesday 9.10, Saturday 12.10.
7.Delepaut BrunoFranceCat. IIWednesday/Friday
8.Feraud NathalieFranceCat. ITuesday 8th
9.Klawitter-Thomsen KerstinGermanyCat. I
10.Barnes JoanneGreat BritainCat. IIWed 09/10 + Fri 11/10/19 only
11.Brand MichelleGreat BritainCat. IITues 08/10 + Wed 09/10/19 Only
12.Ellender MickGreat BritainCat. ITues 08/10 + Wed 09/10 + Fri 11/10 + Sat 12/10 Jury if req
13.Frost PhilGreat BritainCat. IIWed 09/11 + fri 11/10/19 Only
14.Macrow StanGreat BritainCat. IWed to Sat 09/10/ to 12/10/ 19
15.Ip Wing YukHong KongCat. IIAvailable when no Hong Kong lifter is competing
16.Pok Kim WonHong KongCat. IIAsia Cat I. Available when no Hong Kong lifter is competing
17.Soltani FarshidIranCat. IAll
18.Parage GastonLuxembourgCat. IAll
19.Van der Meulen JokeNetherlandsCat. IAvailable: Friday all day, Saturday only available for jury duties Men -120/+120
20.Olah LucicaRomaniaCat. IIall 09-10 oct.
21.Patru ValentinRomaniaCat. IIall 11-12 oct.
22.Anthony RodneySouth AfricaCat. ISessions to be advised
23.Leighton MeganSouth AfricaCat. IIsessions to be advised
24.Leighton HeatherSouth AfricaCat. IIsessions to be advised
25.Ludik AndreSouth AfricaCat. ITo be advised
26.Oppenheim DanSouth AfricaCat. Ito be advised
27.Smith HannieSouth AfricaCat. I
28.Crawford RobertU.S.AmericaCat. IIAvailable Thursday 10.10 - Saturday 12.10
29.Homan LynneU.S.AmericaCat. IIAvailable Wednesday 09.10 Men M2 59-74kg Testing for Cat I
30.Zawilinski MichaelU.S.AmericaCat. IIAvailable all sessions