Arnold Classic Europe - Womens Classic Powerlifting Grand Prix

Barcelona / Spain

20 − 22 September, 2019

The Stage ends in

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:21.07.2019
End of Final Nomination:29.08.2019
14 Days before Technical Meeting:05.09.2019
Technical Meeting:19.09.2019
Division «Open»
 1.Holland Camille1988Great Britain 240.0118.5190.0548.5
 2.Walford Kimberly1978US Virgin Islands 180.0112.5242.5535.0
 3.Bavoil Prescillia1993France 188.0100.0202.5490.5
 4.Horna Ivana1990Slovakia 170.0100.0205.0475.0
 5.Norton Lauren1989South Africa 160.0115.0190.0465.0
 6.Ilves Johanna1981Finland 175.070.0205.0450.0
 7.Costa Iolanda1977Brazil 157.5110.0185.0450.0
 8.Filimonova Inna1976Russia 172.580.0185.0437.5
 9.Graham Abi1978Great Britain 135.092.5195.5423.0
 10.Perotti Olivia1989South Africa 182.587.0170.0419.5
 11.Syrjala Minna1984Finland 147.592.5175.0415.0
 12.Lindell Stina1988Finland 152.587.5170.0410.0
 13.Anthouard Melodie1988France 145.0102.5157.5405.0
 14.Sune Caroline1985France 152.580.0167.5400.0
 15.Allabert Noemie1990France 137.577.5160.0375.0
In Division there are 15 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Lagardere NathalieFranceCat. IIFriday
2.Kvikvinia ElgujaGeorgiaNat.
3.Mayer EvaHungaryCat. IAll
4.Ronaszeki AndrasHungaryCat. Iall
5.Moscianese Maria PiaItalyCat. IAll
6.Rossi SandroItalyCat. IAll
7.Wahlstrom ArnulfNorwayCat. IAll
8.Ivanov SergeyRussiaCat. IAll
9.Farquharson RalphSpainCat. IAll
10.Walford KimberlyUS Virgin IslandsCat. IIAvailable for 9/22 - Equipped Men/Women