Western European Men's Equipped Championships

San Zenone al Lambro / Italy

6 − 8 September, 2019

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:07.07.2019
End of Final Nomination:15.08.2019
14 Days before Technical Meeting:22.08.2019
Technical Meeting:05.09.2019
Division «Open»
 1.Gliebe Nikolas1997Austria 250.0155.0205.0610.0
 2.Corrias Danilo1993Italy 187.5140.0205.0532.5
 1.Kailey Pardeep1983Netherlands 277.5185.0280.0742.5
 2.Campbell Paul1983Great Britain 260.0172.5260.0687.5
 3.Hopen Yngve1984Norway 270.0150.0270.0670.0
 4.Gautason Aron Ingi1995Iceland 265.0160.0240.5657.5
 5.Mair Julian2001Austria 180.0100.0212.5492.5
 1.Guerretta Marco1990Italy 300.0195.0265.0760.0
 2.Vanhee Emmerik1990Belgium 275.0200.0245.0720.0
 3.Schmid Kevin2000Austria 245.0195.0242.5682.5
 1.Huber Alexander1990Austria 345.0262.5302.5910.0
 2.Schweda Philipp1992Germany 342.5240.0277.5860.0
 3.Gasparini Federico1992Italy 260.0202.5285.0747.5
 4.Watson Matt1991Great Britain 270.0175.0225.0670.0
 5.Hodson Khalon1989Great Britain 232.5170.0230.0632.5
 6.De Ro Jean-Marc1973Belgium 100.0160.0230.0430.0
 1.Orrason Alex Cambray1989Iceland 342.5245.0287.5867.5
 2.Mirabelli Andrea1988Italy 312.5220.0290.0822.5
 3.Puhakka Tuomas1995Finland 300.0215.0285.0800.0
 4.Den Houting Sven1976Netherlands 323.5192.5265.0781.0
 5.Laenen Sven1986Belgium 252.5185.0237.5675.0
 6.Schaap Jochem1995Netherlands 235.0192.5222.5642.5
 1.Pahl Dominik1992Germany 382.5275.0325.0982.5
 2.Lise Gianluca1989Italy 315.0215.0295.0825.0
 3.Gengler Jean1986Luxembourg 270.0190.0300.0760.0
 1.Gudmundsson Thorbergur1993Iceland 365.0262.5350.5945.0
 2.Di Martino Mattia1988Italy 317.5230.0300.0847.5
 3.Brincat-Smith James1975Great Britain 320.0220.0230.0770.0
In Division there are 28 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Krebs HerbertAustriaCat. Iall
2.Van Heesvelde JeroenBelgiumCat. IIAll, but not W-57EQ NOT M-83
3.Lillbacka TimoFinlandCat. IIFriday Women – 47.0 to – 57.0 kg and Sunday Women – 63.0 to +84.0 kg
4.Courqueux Cecile CecileFranceCat. IIfriday and saturday morning
5.Kail MarinaGermanyCat. IIAll
6.Giles MarcGreat BritainCat. IIFriday all day Saturday am
7.Hills GaryGreat BritainCat. II
8.Giagmouris KonstantinosGreeceCat. IIAvailable on Friday only for women cat. 63-84 and Saturday
9.Gunnarsson SturlaugurIcelandCat. IIAvailable 6-7 september
10.De Paoli MonicaItalyCat. II07 (all day) and 08 (only women) of September
11.Fortunati GianlucaItalyCat. I06 and 07 of September only Jury
12.Giusti IvanoItalyCat. IIAll except Women classic 47-57
13.Nadotti FabioItalyCat. II06 (all day) and 07(only women 47-57) of September
14.Palmisano TeresaItalyCat. IIAll
15.Rossi SandroItalyCat. IAll Jury
16.Demuth Jentgen PierrettLuxembourgCat. IAll
17.Parage GastonLuxembourgCat. IAll
18.Kailey PardeepNetherlandsCat. IAvailable: Friday women, -47 -57kg and men -59 - 83kg classic, Sunday all day.
19.Van den Hoek PjotrNetherlandsCat. IIAvailable: Friday men -59 - 83kg classic Women -63 - 84+ classic Saturday men -93 -120+classic Women -47 -- 57 equipped
20.Astad BjornNorwayCat. IIAll
21.Ingebretsen ToneNorwayCat. IIAvailable both days
22.Farquharson RalphSpainCat. IAll Jury
23.Langva AnettSwedenCat. IAvailable Friday and Saturday, 6-7th Sept.