World Women's Equipped Bench Press Championships

Tokyo / Japan

18 − 25 May, 2019

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:18.03.2019
End of Final Nomination:26.04.2019
14 Days before Technical Meeting:03.05.2019
Technical Meeting:17.05.2019

The Entry List of Referees

1.Ana CastellainBrazilCat. IIMay 22th
2.Claudia NagataBrazilCat. IAll
3.Martin ShaneCanadaCat. IIMay 19th, 22nd, 23rd - all sessions (EXCEPT Junior Men)
4.You BillCanadaCat. IIAll Sessions May 18 through 25th
5.Bill Moeller DannyDenmarkCat. Iavailable 19+20
6.Lesellier ChristineFranceCat. IIavailable 22 of may only morning
7.Nohales BernardFranceCat. IIavailable 21/05 for Open Women -84 + 84 and Open Women -120 + 120
8.Sitruk ClaudeFranceCat. IIavailable 23 and 24 may
9.Klawitter-Thomsen KerstinGermanyCat. IALL
10.Giles MarcGreat BritainCat. IIAvailable for Equipped when no GB lifter and Sunday for the Classic.
11.Kitsui MasahitoHong KongCat. IINot available at Men Equipped Open 93KG
12.Pok Kim WonHong KongCat. IIAsian Category I, Not available at Men Equipped Master 4 59KG
13.Wong Kung-HimHong KongCat. IINot available at Men Classic Master 4 59KG
14.Feher ImreHungaryCat. Ilater
15.Mayer EvaHungaryCat. Ilater
16.Ronaszeki AndrasHungaryCat. Ilater
17.P J JosephIndiaCat. IALL
18.Isagawa HiroyukiJapanCat. Iavailable except classic M3 Men 59 kg and equipped M3 Men 59 kg
19.Ishimoto NaokiJapanCat. II
20.Kitamura MayumiJapanCat. IIavailable only on May 23 and 25
21.Monoe TakeshiJapanCat. IIavailable except classic M1 men 66 kg and equipped M2 men 83 kg
22.Omori RyoJapanCat. II
23.Omori SeikoJapanCat. II
24.Sawa ChiyomiJapanCat. IIavailable except classic M4 Women 84 kg and equipped M4 Women 84 kg
25.Terakado HiroyukiJapanCat. II
26.Teramura MikaJapanCat. IIavailable only for May 22 9:00, May 23 15:00 and 17:00
27.Prokopenko IvanKazakhstanCat. IIAvailable only 22th May
28.Sadykov KakhromanKazakhstanCat. IIAvailable only 22th May
29.Hammang AlainNetherlandsCat. IJury all except classes with Dutch female lifters
30.Fjeld Per OivindNorwayCat. I
31.Nocek GrzegorzPolandCat. IThursday 23rd May Men M1-M2 120-+120 or Men M3-M4 120-+120 Women all Sub-Juniors Saturday 25th May Open Men 93-105 Open Women 84-+84
32.Derevyanko IgorRussiaCat. IAvailable on: 1) 19th May 1st session Platform 1 Men M1 – M2 120 -+120kg 2 Groups 2) 20th May 2nd session Platform 1 Open Men 59 – 66kg 2 Groups 3) 21st May 3rd session Platform 1 Open Men 120 – +120kg 2 Groups 4) 22nd May 5th session Platform 1 Men M1 – M2 93kg 2 Group 5) 24th May 2nd session Platform 1 Open Men 59 – 66kg 1 Groups
33.Protchenko LiudmilaRussiaCat. IIAvailable on: 18th May 5 session (М1-М4 105kg) 22nd May 3rd session (М1-М4 83kg)
34.Botha VickiSouth AfricaCat. I
35.Leighton MeganSouth AfricaCat. IIFriday 24 session 1 Saturday 25 session 1
36.Smith HannieSouth AfricaCat. IJury
37.Wiklund JohnnySwedenCat. IFrom 17th to 22nd of May
38.Crawford RobertU.S.AmericaCat. IIAvailable all sessions EXCEPT 1. Sunday, May 19th, Session 1 2. Monday, May 20th, Session 1 3. Thursday, May 23rd, Session 1 4. Friday, May 24th, Session 1
39.Elwyn SusanU.S.AmericaCat. IIAvailable 24.05 after session 1 25.05 All
40.Gaudreau JenniferU.S.AmericaCat. IIAvailable 24 May only
41.Gaudreau DanielU.S.AmericaCat. IAvailable Thursday 23 May Session 3 through Friday 24 May Session 4
42.Marcus JackU.S.AmericaCat. IAvailable ALL Sessions
43.Zawilinski MichaelU.S.AmericaCat. IIAvailable 22.05 All EXCEPT sessions 2 and 3 (11:00, 13:00 start times) 23.05 Sessions 2, 3, and 4 (11:00, 13:00, 15:00 start times)
44.Bazaiev SirazhutdinUkraineCat. IOnly 24/05 and 25/05
45.Lykov YuriiUkraineCat. IIAll, except sub-jun women 47 kg
46.Orobets VasylUkraineCat. IIAll, except 21/05 and 25/05