European Women's Equipped Powerlifting Championships

Pilsen / Czechia

28 April − 4 May, 2019

The Stage ends in

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:26.02.2019
End of Final Nomination:06.04.2019
14 Days before Technical Meeting:13.04.2019
Technical Meeting:27.04.2019
Division «Open»
 1.Goodwin Emma1987Great Britain 160.082.5180.0422.5
 1.Steel Ellie1991Great Britain 192.5137.5175.0505.0
 1.Elder Lauren1989Great Britain 160.075.0170.0405.0
 2.Hart Lucy1995Great Britain 160.077.5162.5400.0
 1.Cowell Kimberley1988Great Britain 162.5120.0167.5450.0
 2.Spencer Amy1993Great Britain 187.5102.5152.5442.5
 R1.Miles Sheri1986Great Britain 170.0100.0200.0470.0
 1.Sweatman Katrina1985Great Britain 200.0140.0192.5532.5
 2.Berry Laura1982Great Britain 192.5152.5177.5522.5
In Division there are 9 Lifters (  In Teams:8  In Reserve:1  )
Division «Juniors»
 1.Maycock Amelia2000Great Britain 140.070.0162.5372.5
 1.Mills Liz1996Great Britain 180.5105.5191.5477.5
In Division there are 2 Lifters
In Total there are 11 Lifters (  In Teams:10  In Reserve:1  )

The Entry List of Referees

#NameTeamCategoryRemarks Puytorac XavierFranceCat. IAll
2.Barnes JoanneGreat BritainCat. IITuesday (Juniors), Thursday (Open)
3.Frost PhilGreat BritainCat. IITuesday (Juniors), Thursday (Open)
4.Mathieson AlexGreat BritainCat. IThursday & Friday all day.
5.McGill JimGreat BritainCat. I