Balkan Cup - Womens Powerlifting

Belgrad / Serbia

12 − 14 October, 2018

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:30.08.2018
End of Final Nomination:08.10.2018
14 Days before Technical Meeting:15.10.2018
Technical Meeting:29.10.2018
Division «Open»
 1.Cvjeticanin Kristina1994Serbia 107.560.0110.0280.0
 1.Kostadinova Iveta1991Bulgaria 140.090.0160.0390.0
 2.Horvat Kristina1992Croatia 100.065.0120.0285.0
 3.Marinkovic Jelena1983Serbia 80.050.0125.0255.0
In Division there are 4 Lifters
Division «Subjuniors»
 1.Leovac Marina2000Serbia 70.045.0100.0215.0
In Division there is 1 Lifter
Division «Juniors»
 1.Hegedis Sara1997Croatia 82.540.0120.0240.0
 2.Stankovic Aleksandra1999Serbia
 1.Charitopoulou Despoina1999Greece 110.040.0140.0290.0
 1.Pazi Evaggelia1998Greece 110.045.0110.0265.0
In Division there are 4 Lifters
Division «Masters I»
 1.Durdevic Milena1978Croatia 95.050.0130.0272.2
 R2.Rakic Marija1975Serbia
In Division there are 2 Lifters (  In Teams:1  In Reserve:1  )
In Total there are 11 Lifters (  In Teams:10  In Reserve:1  )

The Entry List of Referees

1.Busselot MyriamBelgiumCat. IAll