World Masters Women's Championships

Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia

2 − 6 October, 2018

The Stage ends in

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:02.08.2018
End of Final Nomination:10.09.2018
14 Days before Technical Meeting:17.09.2018
Technical Meeting:01.10.2018
Division «Masters I»
 1.Funk Jodi1973U.S.America 142.592.5147.5382.5
 1.Meister Babette1973Canada 125.075.0165.5365.5
 2.Iden Nicole1978U.S.America 132.575.0117.5325.0
 1.Blyn Liane1972U.S.America 240.0192.5228.0660.5
 1.Dickens Jade1974U.S.America 207.5185.0167.5560.0
In Division there are 5 Lifters
Division «Masters II»
 1.Price Kimberly1962U.S.America 112.550.0132.5295.0
 1.Kelly Linda1965U.S.America 110.057.5105.0272.5
 1.Sturm Lara1968U.S.America 175.0100.0170.0445.0
 2.Xie Nandi1963U.S.America 117.585.0140.0342.5
 1.Marts Donna1960U.S.America 162.5102.5180.0445.0
 2.Crawford Tinamarie1965U.S.America 160.087.5167.5415.0
 1.Styrlund Laura1964U.S.America 170.0130.5182.5483.0
In Division there are 7 Lifters
Division «Masters III»
 1.Goodrich Cynthia1957U.S.America 100.075.0115.0290.0
 1.Marksteiner Cathleen1958U.S.America 80.075.0130.0285.0
 2.Macko Leslie1949U.S.America 67.547.595.0210.0
 1.Hallen Susan1957U.S.America 165.0100.0160.0425.0
In Division there are 4 Lifters
Division «Masters IV»
 1.Elwyn Susan1947U.S.America 100.045.0127.5272.5
 1.Burns Bebe1942U.S.America 76.042.588.0206.5
 1.Moore Gail1947U.S.America 140.090.0147.5377.5
In Division there are 3 Lifters
In Total there are 19 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Soltani FarshidIranCat. IAll category
2.Welding RuthU.S.AmericaCat. IAvailable All Sessions