European Masters Women's Championships

Pilsen / Czechia

3 − 7 July, 2018

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:03.05.2018
End of Final Nomination:11.06.2018
14 Days before Technical Meeting:18.06.2018
Technical Meeting:02.07.2018
Division «Masters I»
 1.Peti Barbara1976Italy 125.070.0140.0335.0
 2.Ronkainen Katja1973Finland
 1.Beer Gavornikova Monika1974Slovakia 157.597.5145.0400.0
 2.Edwards Louise1978Great Britain 127.575.0140.0342.5
 3.Duncan Catriona1975Great Britain 112.560.0127.5300.0
 1.Buxbom Eva1969Denmark 172.585.0180.0432.5
 2.Solberg Heidi Ottesen1974Norway 152.580.0142.5375.0
 3.Descours Veronique1971France 125.090.0145.0360.0
 4.Mouchet Sabine1976France 105.055.0140.0300.0
 5.Horst Manuela1972Germany 80.050.0120.0250.0
 1.Rodina Alessia1975Italy 170.090.0170.0430.0
 2.Izindre Annelie1972Sweden 170.0110.0145.0425.0
 3.Tschirsky Petra1972Germany 120.082.5140.0342.5
 1.Boersch Nicole1976Germany 170.0140.0180.0490.0
 2.Barnes Joanne1971Great Britain 162.592.5152.5407.5
 3.Kirkland Wendie1972Great Britain 145.0100.0137.5382.5
 1.Keane Jennifer1977Great Britain 215.097.5187.5500.0
 2.Ruus Katarina1977Sweden 180.0125.0187.5492.5
 3.Sjardijn Carmen1969Netherlands 190.0117.5175.0477.5
 4.Burroughs Catherine1976Great Britain 165.085.0170.0420.0
 5.Myyrylainen Miia1973Finland 145.080.0125.0350.0
 1.Van der Meulen Brenda1978Netherlands 220.0210.0210.0630.0
 2.Phasey Kelly1976Great Britain 170.0150.5170.0490.5
 3.Hammero Sparby Runi1977Norway 208.0100.0180.0488.0
In Division there are 24 Lifters
Division «Masters II»
 1.Feraud Nathalie1967France 125.080.0140.0345.0
 1.Petroczki Magdolna1968Hungary 150.080.0160.0390.0
 2.Stenghel Anna1968Italy 130.085.0137.5352.5
 3.Corsi Bruna1964Italy 112.557.5135.0305.0
 1.Cabos Marie France1967France 140.090.0145.0375.0
 2.Franklin Michelle1966Great Britain 120.070.0132.5322.5
 3.Palmisano Teresa1967Italy 117.550.0132.5300.0
 1.Stavik Anita1965Norway 175.072.5155.0397.5
 1.Hampel Sybille1967Germany 135.090.0145.0370.0
 2.Vidziuniene Giedre1966Lithuania 130.085.0150.0355.0
 3.Beck Jo1966Great Britain 125.067.5142.5335.0
 1.Blasbery Jacqueline1963Great Britain 145.0110.0180.0435.0
 2.Stavheim Gro-Berit1964Norway 167.582.5160.0407.5
 3.Wall Melissa1966Great Britain 105.067.5140.0312.5
In Division there are 14 Lifters
Division «Masters III»
 1.Cornwall Marina1954Great Britain 77.547.5120.0245.0
 1.Hunter Jennifer1958Great Britain 100.062.5132.5295.0
 1.Kring Pia1957Germany 75.082.5135.0292.5
 2.Parfait Martine1957France 95.065.0125.0285.0
 1.Olah Lucica1955Romania 125.055.0135.0315.0
 1.Hollands Susan1951Great Britain 175.085.0167.5427.5
In Division there are 6 Lifters
In Total there are 44 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Busselot MyriamBelgiumCat. IAll
2.Hofirek JiriCzechiaCat. ITue afternoon Men M4, Wed and Thu all.
3.Svadlenkova PetraCzechiaCat. IIWed and Thu all
4.Svejda JosefCzechiaCat. ITuesday-Wednesday
5.Vacek MiroslavCzechiaCat. IAll Jury
6.Vesely IvanCzechiaCat. Iall day 3 -4.7.2018
7.Thorsen HenningDenmarkCat. IIAll sessions Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday
8.Heiskanen TimoFinlandCat. IIFrom Wednesday 04.07 to Thursday 05.07.2018
9.Beauverger JacquesFranceCat. IIWednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
10.Delepaut BrunoFranceNat.IPF II Exam Tuesday - Wednesday
11.Feraud NathalieFranceCat. IIWednesday - Friday
12.Flores JosephFranceNat.IPF II Exam Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday
13.Lietzau JoachimGermanyCat. ITue to Sat all categories
14.Barnes JoanneGreat BritainNat.Taking Cat 2 wexam
15.Brand MichelleGreat BritainNat.Taking Cat 2 exam
16.Ellender MickGreat BritainCat. IITuesday 03/07/18 + Friday 06/07/18 am
17.Frost PhilGreat BritainCat. IIAvailable except on day lifting
18.Hills GaryGreat BritainCat. IITaking Cat 1 exam.
19.Jane KevinGreat BritainCat. INot available on day lifting.
20.Macrow StanGreat BritainCat. INot available on day lifting
21.Spingett CaroleGreat BritainCat. IAvailable Tuesday and Wednesday
22.Nadotti FabioItalyCat. IIAvailable for M1 from 59kg to +120kg 6-7 of July 2018
23.Petrauskas ErlandasLithuaniaCat. II3rd July Women M2 4th July Women M1
24.van der Meulen JokeNetherlandsCat. IWednesday morning (4/7) and Thursday morning (5/7)
25.Fjeld Per OyvindNorwayCat. IIThursday 5/7 and Friday 6/7
26.Mehlich  EugeniuszPolandCat. II6-7th July
27.Ostrykiewicz HenrykPolandCat. II6-7th July
28.Patru ValentinRomaniaCat. II04 and 06 july
29.Novomesky OndrejSlovakiaCat. IIavailable only for Men Masters 4 and Women Masters 1
30.Lakso JoakimSwedenCat. IWednesday 4th and Thursday 5th