3rd European Women's Classic Cup

Malaga / Spain

1 − 3 December, 2017

The Stage ends in

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:01.10.2017
End of Final Nomination:09.11.2017
14 Days before Technical Meeting:16.11.2017
Technical Meeting:30.11.2017
Division «Open»
 1.Vazquez Rosa1976Spain 108.060.0132.5300.0
 2.Cano Torres Beatriz1961Spain 90.062.5100.0252.5
 1.Moreno Mara1980Spain 70.045.0120.0235.0
 1.Felinska Olimpia1992Poland 122.577.5142.5342.5
 1.Buitrago Rodriguez Diana1978Spain    100.0
 1.von Weissenberg Isabella1989Sweden 192.595.0207.5495.0
 2.Planas Amanda1977Spain 137.592.5182.5412.5
 3.Radgowska Karolina1992Poland 145.065.0175.0385.0
 4.Alcocer Beteta Marta1989Spain    100.0
In Division there are 9 Lifters

The Entry List of Referees

1.Denisov DenisBelarusCat. II01/12 all except men -83 – 120+kg, 02/12 all except 1st session and weigh-in of 2nd session 03/12 any session
2.Wiklund JohnnySwedenCat. IAll