2nd Women's University Powerlifting Cup

Potchefstroom / South Africa

10 − 15 July, 2017

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:10.05.2017
End of Final Nomination:18.06.2017
14 Days before Technical Meeting:25.06.2017
Technical Meeting:09.07.2017

The Entry List of Referees

1.Wilks RobertAustraliaCat. IMonday, Tuesday, Thursday only
2.Parker RichardGreat BritainCat. I
3.Moukaled HassenenLebanonNat.
4.Parage GastonLuxembourgCat. IAll
5.Van den Hoek PjotrNetherlandsCat. IIAll
6.Dolgopiatov FedorRussiaNat.
7.Vendik AndreiRussiaNat.
8.Anthony RodneySouth AfricaCat. I
9.Botha VickiSouth AfricaCat. I
10.Hayim CliffordSouth AfricaCat. II
11.Oppenheim DanSouth AfricaCat. IAll
12.Smith JohanSouth AfricaCat. I
13.Smith EsmaySouth AfricaCat. IIAll
14.Smith HannieSouth AfricaCat. IJury
15.Graham JohnnyU.S.AmericaCat. IAvailable ALL sessions
16.Helmich WilliamU.S.AmericaCat. II10.07, 12.07, 14.07 2nd session. 11.07, 13.07 1st session