World Men's RAW Bench Press Championships

Potchefstroom / South Africa

15 − 21 May, 2016

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:16.03.2016
End of Final Nomination:24.04.2016
14 Days before Technical Meeting:01.05.2016
Technical Meeting:15.05.2016

The Entry List of Referees

1.Klawitter-Thomssen KerstinGermanyCat. I
2.Giles MarcGreat BritainCat. II
3.Spingett CaroleGreat BritainCat. IAvailable 15-16th May
4.Soltani FarshidIranCat. IALL Cat Except +120
5.Sadykov KakhromanKazakhstanCat. IIAll categories
6.Parage GastonLuxembourgCat. IAll
7.Znojek ArkadiuszPolandCat. I18-20th May all
8.Anthony RodneySouth AfricaCat. IAll
9.Barnard AnitaSouth AfricaCat. IIAll
10.Botha VickiSouth AfricaCat. IAll
11.Ferguson AlanSouth AfricaCat. IAll
12.Hayim CliffSouth AfricaCat. IIAll
13.Khandanise EphraimSouth AfricaCat. IIAll
14.Ludik AndreSouth AfricaCat. IAll
15.Oppenheim DanSouth AfricaCat. IAll except M4 - 74kg class
16.Range HesterSouth AfricaCat. IIAll
17.Smith Cecile MaySouth AfricaCat. IIAll
18.Smith JohanSouth AfricaCat. IIAll
19.Smith JohanSouth AfricaCat. ITC Chairman All
20.Arvidsson OlaSwedenCat. IAll, except saturday (May 21).
21.Izosimov SergiiUkraineCat. IIOnly 18th and 21st of May
22.Melnyk TetianaUkraineCat. IIOnly 20th and 21st of May