World Open Men's Championships

Hamm / Luxembourg

9 − 15 November, 2015

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:09.09.2015
End of Final Nomination:18.10.2015
14 Days before Technical Meeting:25.10.2015
Technical Meeting:08.11.2015

The Entry List of Referees

1.Zangerle SabineAustriaCat. Iall
2.Busselot MyriamBelgiumCat. IOnly Monday and Tuesday
3.Coimbra DavidBrazilCat. IIMen 59,66; Men -120
4.Conrado JulioBrazilCat. IAll from Wednesday on
5.Souza EumenesBrazilCat. IIMen 74; Men 105
6.Armstrong MikeCanadaCat. IAvailable Monday to Thursday, any session.
7.HSIEH TSUNG-TINGChinese TaipeiCat. IOnly Women 84~+84 and Men 83~+120
8.HSU CHIH-CHIANGChinese TaipeiCat. IIOnly Men 59-66 and 11th~14th November
9.Vesely IvanCzechiaCat. Ionly cat. men 120 and 120+
10.Bogh Larsen PeterDenmarkCat. IIAll on Monday - Wednesday
11.Brostrom KlausDenmarkCat. Iall on Monday - Wednesday
13.Hyttinen TeroFinlandCat. IAll
14.COURQUEUX CecileFranceCat. IIAvailable 11 and 12 November
15.PASCAL-CASAS ReynaldoFranceCat. IIExam Cat 1 Available 9, 10, 11 and 12 November PUYTORAC XavierFranceCat. IAvailable 9, 10, 11 and 12 November
17.Veronika KondraschowGermanyCat. IIAvailable session: Women: 72,0, 84,0, +84,0 Men: 105,0, 120,0
18.Weiss JosefGermanyCat. IIExamination Cat. I
19.Dowsett DoreenGreat BritainCat. IAvailable Friday 13th & Saturday 14th
20.Fred SterryGreat BritainCat. IAvailable Friday 13th & Saturday 14th
21.Mathieson AlexGreat BritainCat. IAvailable all days
22.McQuade StephenGreat BritainCat. IAvailable Monday 9th thro Wednesday 11th
23.Parker RichardGreat BritainCat. IAvailable Monday 9th thro Wednesday 11th
24.IP WING YUKHong KongCat. IAvailable session: Women 57, Men 74
25.Kitsui MasahitoHong KongCat. IIAvailable session: Men 59-66, Women 47-52, Women 57, Men 74
26.Pok Kim WonHong KongCat. IIAvailable session: Women 56, Mem 74, Men 83
27.Dutta SubrataIndiaCat. IOnly for Jury in case of insufficient Cat I
28.Soltani FarshidIranCat. IAll Cat Except 105 Men
29.Moscianese Maria PiaItalyCat. I9 (except Women 47-52)-10-11 of november
30.Rossi SandroItalyCat. IJury; 9-10-11 of november
31.Asama ShigetoshiJapanCat. IOnly 2days of 9th,10th,12th November
32.Kitamura MayumiJapanCat. IIonly 2days of 9th,10th,12th November
33.Kryukova EkaterinaKazakhstanCat. IIAvailable 9th November
34.Prokopenko IvanKazakhstanCat. IIExcept 74 category
35.Shilov IgorKazakhstanCat. IIExcept 72 category
36.Demuth PierretteLuxembourgCat. IOnly for wowmen categories when necessary
37.Carli SandraNetherlandsNat.Exam cat II Friday after 13.00 or Saturday
38.Kailey PardeepNetherlandsCat. IIOnly men 59-66 and Wednesday
39.Keizer HenkNetherlandsCat. IOnly Women 47-52 and Men 59-66-93 and 120+
40.Blikra IngerNorwayCat. IAll
41.Novum MortenNorwayCat. IAll
42.Wahlstrom ArnulfNorwayCat. IAll from Wednesday on
43.Grzechnik RadoslawPolandCat. IIall
44.Kazimierczak LukaszPolandCat. IIall
45.Kruszewski MarekPolandCat. Ionly monday and tuesday
46.Cancel IvanPuerto RicoCat. IIWomen cat. 57
47.Dekhanov AleksandrRussiaCat. Iall except 9th, 10th and 13th of November
48.Ivanov SergeiRussiaCat. Iavailable only for women categories
49.Khodosevich GennadiiRussiaCat. Iavailable only for men 83,93,+ 120kg
50.Muller PavolSlovakiaCat. I
51.Ferguson AlanSouth AfricaCat. IAll from Wednesday on
52.Smith HannieSouth AfricaCat. IAll
53.Thur PatrikSwedenCat. IAll
54.Wiklund JohnnySwedenCat. IAll
55.Feldman EliotU.S.AmericaCat. IALL
56.Graham JohnnyU.S.AmericaCat. IAll from Wednesday on
57.Maile LarryU.S.AmericaCat. IAvailable all EXCEPT for 72 and 84/84+
58.Marus JackU.S.AmericaCat. IAvailable Friday and Saturday only
59.Bazaiev SirazhutdinUkraineCat. IAll, except 14.11.2015
60.Orobets InnaUkraineCat. II9th of October
61.Orobets VasylUkraineCat. IIAll, except 14.11.2015
62.Zbandut IvanUkraineCat. IIAll, except 14.11.2015