European Masters Men's Bench Press Championships

Tallinn / Estonia

15 − 17 October, 2015

Server Date/Time:
End of Preliminary Nomination:15.08.2015
End of Final Nomination:23.09.2015
14 Days before Technical Meeting:30.09.2015
Technical Meeting:14.10.2015

The Entry List of Referees

1.Krebs HerbertAustriaCat. IAll
2.Busselot MyriamBelgiumCat. IAll
3.Hofirek jiriCzechiaCat. Iall
4.Terasmaa MarkoEstoniaCat. IIAll
5.Hagfors HarriFinlandCat. IAll
6.Belmas Jean paulFranceCat. IIfree on Friday for all sessions free on Saturday
7.Feraud NathalieFranceCat. IIFree on Thursday for men MA2 -59kg to -93kg, Fri evening, Sat all sessions.
8.Sitruk ClaudeFranceCat. IIfree on Friday and saturday
9.Thimm AnitaGermanyCat. IAvailable on Friday and Thursday evening
10.Giles MarcGreat BritainCat. IIOnly available when no GBR lifter is competing.
11.McQuade StephenGreat BritainCat. IAvailable 16th pm and 17th.
12.Lapins RaivoLatviaCat. II15.10.2015 all day 16.10.2015 all day
13.Werner LauLuxembourgCat. IAll
14.Kroknes EgilNorwayCat. IIAvailable Thursday Women MA 2,3,4 47 to +84 kg, Sat all
15.Leski GrzegorzPolandCat. IIThu Women MA2, 3, 4, Fri all day
16.Nocek GrzegorzPolandCat. I15 all day, 16 only Women MA1, 17 all day
17.Josefsson LeifSwedenCat. IAll