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Year Competition's Title Division W.Class Result W.Points Rank
2015European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-120kg695.0415.123
2017European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-120kg695.0414.364
2014European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-105kg680.0409.364
201313th World Masters Men's Bench Press ChampionshipsMasters 2-105kg222.5134.214
2016European Masters Men's ChampionshipsMasters 2-105kg685.0411.896
Date Competition's Title Venue Div. W.Class SQ Pl. BP Pl. DL Pl. Total Rank DT
11.07.2017European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg235.04225.02235.04695.04 
12.07.2016European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-105kg230.07220.03235.08685.06 
10.07.2015European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-120kg235.04230.02230.04695.03 
17.09.2014World Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-105kg225.08230.04230.08685.08 
04.07.2014European Masters Men's ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaM2-105kg235.04215.04230.06680.04 
Date Competition's Title Venue Division W.Class Result Rank DTest
06.04.201313th World Masters Men's Bench Press ChampionshipsPrague, CzechiaMasters 2-105kg222.54 
16.10.2012European Masters Men's Bench Press ChampionshipsPilsen, CzechiaMasters 2-105kg220.0 

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